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It has been so busy recently and every day I have said “I will write a normal post just about us tonight” but something has cropped up.  I was sat here staring blankly at my PC screen trying to get some motivation and though YES now is the time to babble away on my blog like I did when I started it a year ago!  Looking back at when I first started writing I can see how much everything has changed.  I never thought people that I didn’t know would read what I had to say and if I’m honest the fact that you do puts a lot of pressure on me!  I would love for my random rambling posts to interest you as much as the reviews and competitions so I feel like I have to really think about what to type before I type it!  With Project 366 and Facebook status’ – in my head I am keeping everyone up to date but really I’m neglecting you all!

A lot has changed over the past few months.  Spud is now at proper pre school and his speech is fantastic.  He will talk whilst I stand there gawping at him because it’s as if he knows every word possible!  He is a right cheeky chap though and has definitely inherited my bossy streak.  He was shouting demands at his little friend in the park today and can be found bossing poor Spike around on a daily basis.  He still goes bananas for anything with wheels and will ALWAYS check the fire station when we drive past looking for the “fire enggggenin.”  He gets most excited if the station doors are open or if the engine is outside.  If it’s on the road near us he is practically wetting himself with excitement, get those sirens going and he’s shaking with the most gorgeous smile on his face.  With that, trains and buses I really think he will be the Transport Minister when he’s older!  He has been doing swimming lessons every week and has so much confidence that he has literally taken to it like a duck to water.  He tries everything that he is asked to do and loves jumping in and going under the water.  This week he discovered the wonder of goggles so would have his head under the water for the whole lesson if the teacher would let him!

Spike is getting more and more grown up by the day.  He is almost 17 months which I quite often refuse to believe!  After weeks of him bawling his eyes out when I dropped him off at Creche he has started wanting to go in and today ran in as soon as they opened the door!  Running is his newest past time and as a fairly new walker he is a tad wobbly so looks absolutely hilarious as he potters along.  The inevitable happens and he flops over and more often that not requires a big cuddle.  He is still an extremely cuddly baby and has major clingy moments.  I think they are what make it quite hard to believe that he is almost 1 and a half.  He resembles a little baby with his walking, balance, clingyness and speech but is fast becoming a little boy that will need to stand on his own two feet a bit more.  I know that I have babied him more than I ever did with Spud but getting to the next stage with him doesn’t excite me like it did with Spud.  As he is getting older and shows us by being extremely smart I do love that we aren’t quite as restricted as we were.  He is growing up and getting to the lovely toddler stage where they aren’t SO demanding.  In the blink of an eye he will be the age Spud is now and well and truly out of the baby stage – this provokes “time for another??” from all of my friends and I think I may bow to peer pressure. (Oh Hubbby!!!!)

As for me nothing much has changed, I have been swanning off here, there and everywhere with the most recent being to Amsterdam for a press event where I had the most amazing time!  I felt thoroughly spoilt with a lovely hotel room all to myself, a day at the event, a yummy 3 course meal and then a night at the bar with some fab people!  I could get used to that I can tell you!

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