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When the lovely people at Timeless Toys joined forces with Love Sweet Things and Flava Dance Studio to create Party In a Box they created the perfect set for the perfect party.  If you live locally Flava Dance Studio provide the location, Timeless Toys provide the decorations, accessories, party bags, party games (etc etc!) and Love Sweet Things can provide the Cake and scrummy party biscuits that grace every party bag.  If like us you don’t live locally they can still provide everything (except the location!) it just gets posted to you – genius!

We reviewed the Party Bags for Beth at Timeless Toys a few weeks ago and when she asked us if we wanted to review the Party In a Box we were thrilled but also disappointed.  Spud’s birthday was 6 weeks before the launch of Party in a Box and I didn’t feel that I could throw him a party that long after his Birthday especially as he understands the concept now.  Throwing Spike a party 6 months early was also a bit extreme despite people telling me as a Christmas baby he should have two Birthdays!  We couldn’t take advantage of the Jubilee Party in a Box because we are going to a huge Jubilee Party on Monday at the community centre and there was not a chance we could compete.  Luckily Spud’s best friend Knockers came to the rescue by turning 4 this month so we asked Amy from I Eat Books and Babies if she would like to throw him a party with the help of Party in a Box.  Her full review can be found over on her Blog just clicky click this link!

Party in a Box options can be found on the Timeless Toys website

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