“But Whyyy Mummy?”

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Spud is now 3 years and 2 months old.  As I said the other day his speech has come on so much in the past 6 months that he’s like a totally different boy and the total opposite of one that we thought needed speech therapy.  Every Time I think he has all the words possible he comes out with a new one.  He tells me to do things “properly” and has changed his usual “what’s that?” to full sentences like “what’s that noise?”

With his new found speaking ability he has started coming out with life’s big questions.  Who, what, where and how have featured a lot in the past few months with “what are you doing?” being a firm favourite.  It drives us nutty.  I can be sitting there doing absolutely nothing and get asked every 5 minutes.  I started asking him in return and would get the answer “nuffink” followed by inane chatter about nothing.

The boys spent a week at my mum and dads house and when I went to pick them up Spud said “Mummy I’m bored!”  I shot accusing looks across the table and demanded to know who had taught my 3 year old such a sentence and my Dad just chuckled back.  Now this is where it went downhill.  For about half the journey home I had “mummy, what you doing?” “mummy I’m bored” and then all of a sudden it happened – “But WHY mummy?”

Determined not to be taken in by such a ploy I stood firm and the conversation went something like this:

Me – “Because I said so Spud”

Spud – “whyyy?”


Spud – “WHY MUMMY?”

Me – “Spud I will not be sucked in…”

Spud – “why mummy?”

Me – “Because I said so”

Spud – “why mummy?”

Me – “Because I am your mummy and what I say goes”

Spud – “why mummy?”


Cue Spud letting of shrieks of laughter and some sort of evil victory cry.

I had been quite happily swanning along without that horrific word gracing us with it’s presence and ONE WEEK with Nana and Pops has kicked it off.  Someone please save me!

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