And Then There Was One

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I haven’t blogged about the Sunflowers for a long time because I actually thought they were all going to die.  We were down to three and I had given up bringing them in at night.  I kept dropping them and Spike pulled one out by its roots so it became too much like hard work.  They were a good 30cm and apparently at the right sort of size to survive outside.  They defied all odds and kept growing nicely which pleased me greatly.  Last week I moved the pots to the side of the house where the sun stayed for longer periods of time.  In doing so I dropped one and soil spilled out everywhere.  I rapidly tried to rescue the poor thing and shoved it all in the pot haphazardly expecting it to die.  It was extremely windy for a few days but they all survived and I only had to adjust their stakes a few times.  None of them had flowered but their stalks were getting nice and fat and I was very happy that they might possibly become actual sunflowers.

Then we went away.  We were only away from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon but as I walked up the path I saw destruction.  The two sunflowers that I hadn’t dropped had snapped in half.  One had shrivelled to nothing and one was hanging looking very sorry for itself.  I was distraught.  I started ranting about sabotage and tried to think of who would hate me enough to kill my beloved sunflowers.  I started blaming the neighbourhood cats because I don’t like cats so in my eyes they are all evil and they must have sensed the hatred and reaped revenge.

After a while I calmed down and decided that actually they probably died because of the weather.  I think the string may have slid down in the wind and then the plant being top heavy had failed to hold it’s head up and snapped.  I desposed of the dead and started caring properly for the one remaining sunflower.

Today I went out and re strung its stake with figure of 8 knots so that if the stem gets fatter there is some give and I filled up the soil a little bit to make the stake a little steadier.  I gave it a good drink and wished it luck telling it that it is my last chance to prove my haters wrong.

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