Our Sunflower Story Continued

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When the Sunflowers were just two weeks old and teeny little sproutlings – well about 10cm weedy looking things, I headed off to Nana and Pops’ house leaving the Hubby strict instructions not to kill them!  Two weeks later and they had doubled in size but had started growing at odd angles because the Hubby didn’t replace the stakes.  Unfortunately another Sunflower hasn’t made it and we are now down to three after finding it in the kitchen looking like it had been decapitated.  I also noticed that two of our surviving sunflowers had wrinkly leaves.  On much closer inspection I noticed that they tray they were stood in was full of water.  What had the Hubby done?!  I said DAMP not saturated!  I fear he may have over watered them so re potting them became an absolute necessity!

Spud and I popped off to the garden centre to buy yet more pots to re pot them into and picked up some stakes and garden twine at the same time.  We spent Sunday afternoon re potting them and they now live outside during the day to try and soak up the sun properly and come in at night.  I do feel silly bringing them in at night but I am working so hard to keep the little blighters alive!  Today I could have cried when it started hailing whilst I was at Spud’s swimming lesson.  All I could do was fret about them until I got home apologising profusely to them for subjecting them to such crappy weather!

Today after 2 days in their new pots and the horrible hail storm, I gave them a thorough inspection and found that one of them has a totally dead leaf and one has a wrinkly leaf.  I’m hoping they pull through otherwise I will be down to just one and then I really will turn into a crazy sunflower lady willing it to live and prove my mother and husband wrong about my lack of gardening skill!  If I don’t have a sunflower that looks like this then I can definitely say there will be tears.

image courtesy of the Telegraph
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