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We have spoken quite a lot about Timeless Toys on the Blog due to them being one of our favourite wooden toy shops.  It was very exciting when they decided to launch Wedding and Party favours for children and we were thrilled when Spud and Spike were asked if they wanted one each.  Because we didn’t have an parties or events where they would need distracting I decided to save them for the epic 3 hour train journey home from Nana’s and Pops’ house.  With prices ranging from £3.99 – £14.99, depending on the contents,they are slightly pricier than ordinary party bags but the contents are so worth it.  You get quality wooden toys that will last and not be thrown away or broken within a few hours.

The boys were extremely excited when I pulled them out of my bag and both delved in to see what goodies awaited inside the tissue paper.  With every item the boys let out little chuckles, it was so cute to watch.  Spud had recently developed an obsession with clocks so to see a little wooden watch in there made his day.  The contents vary from bag to bag, Spud got crayons, playing cards, an animal push up, a magnifying glass and a book mark.  Spike got a little wooden book, an animal push up, a wooden ball puzzle and a spinning top.  The contents are well thought out and the bags are hand filled by Timeless Toys before dispatch.  Crayons and playing cards were absolutely perfect for keeping Spud entertained on the train and he sat on the floor colouring for about 45 minutes!  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it was first train journey that hasn’t totally stressed me out and I was even complimented on how well behaved the boys were!

Since coming home and the initial excitement of the bags wearing off the toys are still played with every day.  Spike has a habit of hiding his little wooden book and Spud rarely takes his watch off!  The crayons are a perfect size for me to keep in the changing bag in case we need something to keep him occupied when we are out and about.  The little push up animals are so cute and they sit proudly on the boys bedroom shelves thanks to the Hubby who wouldn’t let me claim them for myself.  The picture on the right shows just a small selection of what we received but you can see the quality of the products that are in each bag.

I think they are a fantastic idea and when the time comes to throw one of the boys a proper birthday party they are something we would consider.  The amount of entertainment that the boys have gotten from them is at least 10 times that of other party bags that they have received.  If we were to get married again (and indeed have any children there!) we would definitely buy Timeless Toys wedding boxes to keep them entertained,  It gives them a little keepsake to remember the day and a thank you for attending and (hopefully) being well behaved!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This review is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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