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Sam Farber’s wife Betsey suffered from mild arthritis in her hands and struggled with ordinary kitchen tools.  He got straight to the drawing board and designed ergonomic, trans-generational products that were made using research from the most important people.  The people that were going to be using them.  In 1990 OXO was born.  22 Years later and they have over 850 products including a whole range for children.  Like the kitchen utensils the children’s range was extensively tested by the people they were designed for – the children of OXO staff.  When we received the OXO Tot Sprout Highchair to review we were delighted to also receive this box of goodies from their feeding range.  They very kindly sent Spud and Spike a plate, divided plate, training cups, flip top snack pots and fork and spoon sets.

On first impressions we were extremely impressed with the quality and styling and we weren’t let down.  The packaging is plain leaving it to the product to catch your attention and it’s simplistic with just enough information to outline the product properly including the fact that all products are BPA, phthalate and PVC free.  The best bit has to be the easy opening tab which made it so easy even Spud could help me open them all.

We love the OXO Tot Fork and Spoon Set.  Spike is just at the age where he wants to feed himself.  The handles are nice and chunky but soft on his little hands with a great grip to stop them sliding around or into the bowl if it is resting on the side.  There is a genius little flat spot on the underside of each one which is to stop them from rolling off the table or highchair tray when not in use.  The spoon is nice and deep so survives Spike’s wobbly hand as he tries to get the food to his mouth.  They are also fab for Spud because although he has long since mastered the art of cutlery and self feeding we have struggled to find cutlery that mimics the actions of adult cutlery (piercing food easily etc) but that is comfortable for little slippery hands and won’t stab him should he be a bit too vigorous.  The Fork and Spoon sets are dishwasher safe but due to the size of the handles they don’t fit in the cutlery basket.  The weight on them does mean that they sit happily on the top rack without flying around the dishwasher.  After many a cycle through the dishwasher we have noticed no discolouration or evidence that they have even been eaten with!

  The OXO Tot Divided Plate has 3 outer sections and a dipping section in the middle.  It is absolutely perfect for portion sizes because it shows a guide on just how much protein, vegetables or carbs a toddler should be having.  It has a weighted, non slip base which is perfect for Spike who seems to love sliding his plates across the table spilling all the contents as it goes.  The OXO Tot Training Plate has the same weighted, non slip base and both are top rack dishwasher safe and microwavable.  Like the cutlery the dishwasher hasn’t affected them whatsoever and there is no discolouration or staining and they still look as good as new.  My husband has had a moan that they aren’t the easiest plates to stack in the cupboard but he will just have to learn a new stacking technique!  Both the plate and the divided plate offer a removable outer ring that keeps the food on the plate when trying to capture it with utensils.  It works really well for things like peas that are often chased around the plate until they roll over the edge but just pops off if it isn’t required.  We found that Spike preferred to eat without the ring on because he was having to reach over it to get to his food but Spud found it really handy and was able to wolf down his dinner in record time.

Spike has been terrible for cups.  It took us 13 months to find one that he would use and even then it was an accident and he just happened to be drinking out of Spud’s straw cup.  We have had a sippy cup with a training lid (clear plastic lid with a hole in) that teaches him to drink out of an open topped cup properly but it ended in disaster because he could never find the hole and ended up covering himself in water.  Due to this I was a little skeptical about the OXO Tot Training Cup because it works on the same idea.  However the training insert is perforated to allow control over the liquid flow and it’s like that all the way around the insert so we didn’t have to worry about him needing to locate a hole first.  We decided to try some smoothie in the cup in the hope that it wouldn’t be as fast flowing as water and shock him when it went into his mouth.  He took to it like a duck to water and knew what he had to do to get the drink out.  My favourite thing about the cup is that there are measurement markings.  After spending a year worrying about how much he was drinking and having to guess because so many other cups just don’t have any way of telling you I can finally see at a glance.  The perfect thing about the training cup is that the training insert is fully removable to once they have mastered open cupped drinking you can remove the insert making the cup grow with your child.  Spud definitely benefits from the soft grips on the side of the cup because as an open cupped drinker he does struggle if his hands are messy from his dinner when he tries to pick up smooth cups.  With the training cup he has no issues and is able to drink up without worrying about spilling it everywhere!

The OXO Tot Flip Top Snack Pots have been used on a daily basis and are fantastic.  They are 150ml and just the right size to hold a decent amount of snack and still fit in my bag.  The lid is easy enough for both boys to flip up themselves and the rim means that even Spike is yet to spill anything out of them.  They are shaped for little hands and have the soft grips on the side.  We have even to swap the lids over to prevent blue/green arguments when we are out.  I do struggle to get the main lid on and off.  I try to twist it but it doesn’t budge and find it quite fiddly to try and pull the lid off without detaching the flip top lid.  Like the other products they are top rack dishwasher safe and come out sparkling and looking brand new.  They are definitely one product that I wouldn’t leave the house without!

The OXO Tot feeding range including the products that I have reviewed and many others can be found on their website, Amazon and John Lewis with prices starting at £3.99.  Each of the products reviewed are available in Green, Blue or Raspberry.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the products for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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