Review – Le Toy Van Fire Station Set and Fire Engine

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When Le Toy Van offered to send Spud a toy of his choice for his third Birthday I was extremely excited.  Le Toy Van had been one of my most sought after brands because of the beautiful wooden toys that they create but there was so much choice that I didn’t know where to start.  With a set budget the Hubby and I went on a very exciting Amazon shop.  We decided that due to his love of Fire Engines or “Sam Nee Naws” that we would ask for the Fire Station Set to review.  To go with the Fire Station we purchased (with our own money) the Fire Engine and the Budkin Firemen.  We sat laughing at how excited Spud would be on his birthday when he opened them.  Everything arrived with a few weeks until his Birthday and I had the mammoth job of trying to hide them, I swear he can sniff out new toys from a mile away!

On his birthday he was ecstatic, he played with the whole set for most of the morning and even took pictures of his new Fire Station from every angle.

Within an hour we had our first breakage when he tried to make the hose reach the top window.  He didn’t pull it hard but the string came out of the wood.  Because there was a spare one I didn’t think much of it and just told Spud to be careful.  After the rest of his Birthday celebrations had finished I sat down to play with him and discovered that the Budkins were a huge disappointment because they didn’t fit on any of the Fire Station equipment!  Things started to go downhill fairly quickly after that as you can see from the pictures.  I also created a video explaining the problems.

Le Toy Van did replace the lockers and the bunk beds but we haven’t heard anything since.  I had to take the set away from him less than a month after his birthday which is utterly ridiculous especially considering he was away for two weeks of it!  As you can see from the video he still wants to play with it because he absolutely loved it but it is just too dangerous for him to play with it.

I have never been so disappointed by a brand and am hoping to get a refund for the Fire Engine so that I can buy him a different one.

EDITED TO ADD (01/05/12) I received an email from Le Toy Van regarding this review with an apology for such a poor quality item.  I was sent 2 Budkins as an apology and a refund from  the retailer was arranged for the Fire Engine.  Le Toy Van assured me that every item is thoroughly tested but did not mention why the set doesn’t “fit” together.  I will never shop with Bramble Corner toys again because their customer service is appalling and they are extremely rude via email when I contacted them regarding the refund.

We did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the Fire Station  for review purposes.  The Fire Engine and Budkins were purchased separately.  This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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