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Me and My Shadow

I love bargains.  The Hubby never agrees with me that we NEED something just because it’s cheap so he rarely lets me in Charity Shops or Car Boot sales.  This week my best friend and I left the kids with their dads and headed off to what was supposed to be an amazing Car Boot Sale.  Due to the weather there was a poor seller turn out and we wandered around feeling very despondent.

On the first trip around Amy picked up two books from the Twilight series for £2.50.  I had seen a Hungry Hippos game so we decided to go back for that.  Here is when we started finding the real goodies!

I got Spud the Hungry Hippos game for £2 and it has EVERY ball.

Amy picked up a car mat for Oscar for £1 and then found a gorgeous scarf also for £1.  Whilst she was trying on the scarf I found some kitchen scales for the amazing price of 50p!

Then Amy spotted a jacket.  I had said earlier that day that I liked her coat and it was one similar to hers but in brown.  On closer inspection we found that it was actually 100% leather and from Next.  It said size 16 but it looked a lot smaller so I tried it on.  I’m a size 10-12 on top but it fits perfectly.  The seller said that she had never worn it but there were a few marks on there that we managed to get off.  It was in absolutely fantastic condition and for only £5 I can’t really complain!

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