Greetings Cards just became Amazing

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Over the past few years sending Greetings Cards has become extremely easy with sites like Moonpig.  Not only does it take all the effort out of going to the shop, buying a card, buying a stamp and posting the card but it also offers the chance to make cards personal with special messages and pictures.  It couldn’t really get much better than that.  But it has.  Oh boy it has!

Moonpig have teamed up with Zappar and have created a truly amazing way to send a loved one an extremely personal greetings card.  With the help of a smartphone and a FREE app the recipient can view a video message simply by holding the phone up to to the front of the card.  Sounds amazing?  Wait until you see it in action!

These will be fantastic for us living so far away from all our family especially as my parents get upset when they can’t see us on their Birthday’s – well now they can!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review I just think that Moonpig and Zappar are amazing! For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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