Two Toddlers and a 3.5 Hour Train Ride….

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Today we are heading up to spend the Easter holidays with my parents, aka Nana and Pops.  It’s just the me, the boys and a 3.5 hour train journey.  Now we have done it before a fair few times but Spike was only a baby so would sleep for most of it but he is now at an age where he keeps himself awake if there are more exciting things going on.  I have packed the usual DVD player, books, colouring things and toys to keep them occupied but usually we coincide the journey with a meal time which can easily pass an hour of time.  This time we are leaving straight after lunch.  And it’s not even like I can push them a bit because Spike knows exactly to the second when it is lunch time.

Whilst searching the shop for snacks to be my fail safe distraction technique I had a brain wave!

These pots full of crap sweeties were half price so I picked two up to start my master plan.

I discarded the innards…..

I felt generous so gave them ONE egg and ONE packet of marshmallows, then added some hula hoops and a Babybel….

Filled the OXO Tot snack pots with raisins…. (I have to mix and match the lids to stop a whole Blue/Green War erupting)

Popped them in with a car each that I took from the playroom but that they will think is new…..

Voila we are ready to go!

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