Our Sunflower Story

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A few weeks ago the topic at Izziwizzi.co.uk‘s Playfest was Gardening.  I was quite excited to hear everybody’s ideas because we had bought a little gardening set for Spud for his birthday.  After two great Playfest’s (one on Facebook and one on Twitter) we decided that we would grow some sunflowers.  I don’t have the best reputation when it comes to growing things so a lot of people are skeptical about the whole shebang but at least I’m trying!

Today the Hubby and I popped to Homebase when Spud was at school to pick up a Sunflower growing kit.  When Spud got home we set to work and cracked open his new gardening tools.

The kit was very easy to do we just had to pop the little soil tablets into some water and turn them into compost.

Next up was pressing a seed into each pot.

Ready to go!

The container that the kit came in makes a fab little green house for the germination period so we sealed it up and popped it on the window sill in the kitchen.

I think Spud was expecting something a bit more exciting to happen and looked a bit disheartened when nothing happened immediately but the cardboard packaging came with nice pictures to colour so they distracted him from his initial disappointment!

I’m sure I will keep you all updated, if anything just to say “nurrrr!” to the haters that think our sunflowers will die *cough my Hubby and Mother! *cough.*  If you don’t hear anything more then they will have been the ones that were right and Spud will be mourning the fact that Mummy can’t even help him grow a simple sunflower!

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