Our Sunflower Story – Week 1

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Well this time last week we had just planted our sunflower seeds in their pots and popped them on the window sill.  I was meant to take a photo every single day but for the first 3 absolutely nothing happened and I forgot.  As if out of nowhere one of the pots sprout and shot up at a blinking fast pace.  The others were all starting to sprout and then today I have had to remove them all from the greenhouse because they are too tall and I have to go out to get new pots for them this week!

Day 3

Day 5

Day 7

You may have noticed we are down from 6 to just 5 pots.  For some reason the 6th pot is showing no signs of life.  We have swapped to another seed in case it was a dud and will have to see how it goes!

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