Spud turned 3!

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Last week my baby boy turned 3.  The night before his birthday I tucked him in as usual and as I looked down it suddenly hit me that he is growing up.  Nappies, dummies, bottles and everything else that made him a baby are long gone and with his speech improving at a rate of knots he is well and truly into the little boy stage.  He has even started standing up to wee claiming that big boys stand up and babies sit down (this I am trying to nip in the bud, the cleanliness of my bathroom floor is paramount with Spike crawling around!)

On the morning of his birthday he woke bright and early so I snuck him into our bed for some sneaky Mickey Mouse and when Spike finally woke up at 8am we all went downstairs.  He saw a balloon and went “oh Happy Birsday to me?!”  It was so cute!  Both Boys got very excited about the balloons, decorations and presents so we got cracking with the unwrapping.

Spud’s present stash was full of toys from the Le Toy Van range and he absolutely loves them all.  He got the fire station, fire engine, firemen Budkins, roadworks set and construction worker Budkins.  Spud is getting into the whole roleplay side of play and can quite often be seen making his toy cars talk to each other so it’s been great watching him play with the sets properly putting out fires and digging up the carpet with the pneumatic drill ensuring that the area is coned off first!

We took him to the Aquarium to see the fish and the “nurtle” (turtle) with his friend Oscar.  They had great fun running around and Spud took a picture of nearly every fish that inhabited the place.  He got an absolutely cracking shot of a sting ray and after a while learnt that he needs to hold the camera still to get a good photo!

We popped to Pizza Hut for lunch where he usually eats his body weight in food but they sat us very close to the ice cream factory so we heard about the sweeties every 5 minutes, top that with phone calls from Pops and Debbie and he was far to distracted to fill up on pizza.  The Hubby had work that evening so we made sure we did the cake with everyone to sing him Happy Birthday.

At home he watched his new Cars 2 dvd and played with his new toys whilst the Hubby went off to work and Spike had a sleep.  After tea I made sure that I sang him Happy Birthday again and he got to do his candles again before stuffing his face with cake.  He had a super long bath and finally got to speak to Pops again before going to bed a very happy little man.

All in all it was a very chilled out birthday doing all of his favorite things.

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