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Our highchair lasted us well.  It was purchased when Spud was a few months old, moved house 3 times and survived his horrific weaning stage.  It was still standing tall when we had Spike and it battled through his weaning which wasn’t quite as dramatic until one day last month it gave up.  The seat cushion was already looking a bit tatty from being stored in the cupboard during the day and then Spike pushed it over when it was folded and the tray release catch flew across the room.  I suddenly had a 14 month old with no where to feed him!  He wouldn’t stay seated at the little table and chairs and meal times became a nightmare.  I desperately started searching for something to use, feeling a bit annoyed that my old one had given up on me.  Upon hearing our plight OXO Tot offered us their award winning Sprout highchair to review.  When I read this blurb I almost bit their hand off.

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“The OXO Tot Sprout Highchair balances baby’s comfort and grown-ups’ design sensibility. Sprout is an extended use Chair that grows with your child and her developmental stages, from six months to five years. For a perfect, comfy fit during all stages, the seat adjusts in height and depth and the footrest is height-adjustable. A depth-adjustable tray accommodates baby as she grows and can be removed so the Chair can be pulled up to the table. The seat, back and cushions are contoured for comfort and promote “sitting up straight,” and a 5-point harness secures baby firmly in the seat. We know eating time can be messy, so the chair and cushion are easily wipeable for quick cleanup of crumbs and other sticky messes. For children over age three, the crotch post, tray and harness can be removed to convert the highchair to a youth chair so kids can sit comfortably at the family table. For grown-ups’ added convenience, Sprout requires no tools to adjust the seat, tray or footrest. Sleek wood construction and a space-saving design complement any home décor.”

I had been so angry that the highchair had broken because Spike was getting to the age where he would be growing out of it sooner rather than later and I resented spending money on something that I wouldn’t get any use of.  When I saw that the OXO Tot Sprout will last him until he is 5 I was mightily impressed and definitely wanted to know more.

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When it arrived I was shocked at how big the box was.  My heart sank a little bit because we simply don’t have anywhere to store big bulky items especially ones that don’t fold down.  When we got it out of the box and started putting it together my excitement rose again because it’s footprint is tiny!  It hardly takes up any space despite not folding and offers an extremely sturdy frame which at the same time is lightweight so easy to move around the room.  The OXO Tot Sprout was very easy to put together.  The Hubby being the Hubby (a man) refused to read the instructions so started putting it together using his own judgement.  He was successful because it’s extremely quick and easy to do and pretty much self explanatory.  It was a bit fiddly to begin with because the barrel nuts weren’t going in straight but that’s human error rather than a fault with the highchair!  You can see just how quick and easy it is to put together without instructions in the video below.

We absolutely love how adjustable the OXO Tot Sprout is.  The seat height has 3 positions and is adjustable by simply pulling out little tabs on the side, pressing the button and sliding the seat base out.  You can adjust it in a matter of seconds without using any tools or having to faff about.  The tray is used to adjust the depth of the seat with a number of positions depending on the size of the child and how close they need the tray to be.  Spikey is a big boy and on the shallowest setting the tray only just touches his tummy so there is plenty of room for growing babies.  The footrest has 3 adjustable positions which adjust in the same way as the seat base and then a 4th position which is also a support so is fixed in.  The footrest is completely independent from the seat base so if you have a longer or shorter legged child it adjusts to suit them.  We currently have the seat base set on the 3-5 years height purely so that we can fit it underneath our dining table but even on the 6-18 month setting he has plenty of room and looks extremely comfortable.

The tray is adjustable with one hand and also has a flat base so can be put on a table or a kitchen side without the risk of cups of water or bowls of food slipping off or spilling.  It’s also a really good size with a lip on the outer edge so we have yet to encounter a food swiping incident with him where he launches everything off the tray with one swift arm movement!  When he gets to the age where he requires a chair at the table rather than a highchair you simply remove the crotch bar and 5 point harness and replace the highchair cushion with the junior chair cushion.  It means that he will be able to sit at the table like a big boy but without having to have a booster or sit up on his knees to be able to reach his plate.  We love this feature because we have leather dining chairs so would rather not ruin them by putting a booster chair on top.

Every surface of the OXO Tot Sprout is wipe clean which is a must have on a highchair.  My old highchair had lots of nooks and crannys so i’d find crumbs or bits of food stuck in gaps or underneath the cushion which was ridiculously hard to remove.  With the OXO Tot Sprout the cushion is held on using very firm Velcro so after every meal I simply pop it off and then wipe the crumbs off into the bin.  I give it a good wipe down and it looks like it’s never been eaten in!  The only downside is that the Velcro catches some of the tiny crumbs which I am struggling to get out.

Overall we think the OXO Tot Sprout is brilliant.  You may have noticed that the dining table is actually a new feature in our house and that’s because upon receiving the OXO Tot Sprout it made me dig it out from the garage and set it up to eat properly as a family again.  The OXO Tot Sprout doesn’t look out of place in our living room dining room that has no other evidence of children (that’s what the playroom is for!) because it just oozes style.  It’s fantastic that you can have the best of both worlds with style and comfort in a chair that will last from weaning right up until 5 years old or 60lb.

The OXO Tot Sprout has an RRP of £204.26 and is available online on sites such as Amazonor in stores such as John Lewis and Toys R Us.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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