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I haven’t met a toddler yet that doesn’t love helping in the Kitchen.  Spud loves baking and will quite happily stay in the kitchen for the entire time that it takes us to prep dinner.  The only problem that we had was that he either had to sit on the side or stand on a chair to be able to see what was going on.  Our kitchen is tiny so him sitting on the side takes up far too much surface space and standing on a chair is too dangerous because there is no where to put it that won’t be in the way of us navigating the kitchen.  Seven years ago Kim and Sean Johnson faced the same problems and the Little Helper FunPod was conceived!

Suitable from 1-5 years, the FunPod is a tall, square, enclosed standing platform with an adjustable base that enables children to stand at the right height for the surfaces without the risk of falling.  It stands at 86cm tall it fits nicely under the lip of a work surface and has very supportive feet.  It’s 15.5kg and with the feet as well there is no chance that it will tip over.  There are 5 height settings, the highest being based on the average heights of a 12 month old and the lowest on the height on an average 5 year old meaning that at whatever age the child they can always be at the right height without the risk of falling or climbing out.  We were thrilled to be sent a Buttermilk FunPod for the Boys to try and it has gone down a treat.

When it arrived in it’s flat packed box we started to put it together straight away.  It was extremely easy to put together using the pictorial instructions and Spud was extremely keen to help out.  It was together within a matter of minutes and we were ready to go.  I was impressed by the quality, finish and the sturdiness offered total peace of mind straight away.  The standing platform slides in and settles in the grooves, there is an extra groove on the platform to secure it meaning that it won’t slide out when the child is stood in it.

Spud absolutely loved being able to see and help out and I definitely appreciated a carrot peeler.  Even though our kitchen is quite small we have a smooth floor so I could easily move the FunPod around even with Spud in it without the fear of him falling out even if he wasn’t holding on.  When we got to the stage where he couldn’t help anymore I plonked him in front of the sink and he spent a good hour playing with the water and pretending to wash up.  For the first time since he stopped napping I was able to make dinner without having to leave the kitchen mid saute so the FunPod definitely has a huge thumbs up from us when used by Spud, he even uses it as a hiding place!

A few weeks later Spike went through a clingy stage to the extent where he didn’t want to be put down.  Cooking is very hard to do when I am trying to juggle a 14 month old so it was always a case of struggle of have a screaming baby trying to claw his way up my leg.  I was at the end of my tether when I plonked him in the FunPod.  He stood there watching me cook quietly – what a lifesaver the FunPod is turning out to be!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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