John Crane’s Granny has come to Stay!

Written by Lauren on. Posted in General

Last year John Crane sent Jenny Woodenmum off on her adventures.  She travelled the world and was spotted in some pretty cool places!  This year an army of Tildo Grandparents have been sent off on their jollies.

Spud was ecstatic to discover that Granny has come to stay and hasn’t let her out of his sight since she arrived!

She had a well deserved cup of tea and slice of toast with Spud and then the fun started!  Spud decided he wanted to go scooting with Granny – look closely near his feet!

Being very safety conscious we had to kit her out with the latest safety gear.

She has arrived just in time for some busy times in the Spud & Spike household so keep your eyes peeled for more Granny adventures over the next few months!

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