The Huggies PT Challenge Conclusion

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Last Summer Spud and I embarked on the Huggies Potty Training challenge.  I had been extremely apprehensive about taking the huge leap out of nappies for so many reasons.  Firstly I wasn’t keen on chasing around after puddles of wee and poo but mostly I didn’t want my baby to grow up.  That transition out of nappies, to me, was the last thing about Spud that made him my baby.  I needn’t have worried because as you will have all seen from our update posts he took to it like a duck to water.  We took it fairly slowly and Daytime Dryness was achieved within a few months of starting.

Before Christmas we took Spud to see Santa and give his dummies (which he only had at night) to the Baby Elves.  The only thing left after that to make Spud a proper little boy was to get him dry at night.  Spud has been dry at night since January but I was worried if I shared the news with you all that I would jinx it!  He has been amazing.  We decided to go cold turkey at night despite him waking with wet nappies because 5 out of 7 night a week he would wake me up at around 5am asking to go for a wee.  His nappy would be fairly dry and the wee in it would be fresh so I knew that the need to use the loo was waking him up and he either wasn’t making it in time or was weeing in a nappy purely because he could.  After about two weeks of him waking me up I popped a Huggies DryNites Bed Sheet on his bed and put him to bed with just his pjs on.  I popped a potty in his room and explained to him that he was a big boy now and if he needed a wee he had to get up and use the potty because he wasn’t wearing a nappy.  He was totally fine with this explanation and was really quite excited about the whole thing.

The next morning he woke up dry and at 8am (a total lay in for us!)  Spike woke us all up and I found a nice big wee in Spud’s potty!  This continued for about a week and suddenly one day we woke up with a sopping wet bed.  I assumed he must have had a really deep sleep and we carried on as normal.  The next morning the same happened.  Trying not to be too disheartened I left him in just pjs that night and we woke to a dry bed and a wee in the potty.  Suddenly it clicked.  The two nights that he had accidents I had forgotten to explain to him that he wasn’t wearing a nappy!  As long as I remind him just as he goes to bed he remembers to get up!

So here we are nearly 3 months later with a totally dry Spud who rarely has accidents.  Even when I went away for 4 nights he remained dry at night.  I was convinced that it would trigger accidents but so far he is proving to be a right little trooper.  Friends do tell me that it is still early days because their little ones have been dry for a year and then suddenly started wetting but I am remaining optimistic!  We have had to move from a potty to a toilet seat because he started to be a little bit too independant and was trying to empty his own potty down the toilet.  We no longer need to carry a potty everywhere that we go because he is extremely good at holding it until we get to a toilet or somewhere that we can let him squat privately!

I would like to thank Huggies for the kick up the backside that I needed to get Spud potty trained and for the support that they have given me over the past 9 months.  I am thrilled to be attending Britmums under their sponsorship and truly grateful for the opportunities that they have given us.  Spud still talks about the Huggies Shoot and watches himself in the Potty Training videos and the whole experience has actually made me look forward to potty training Spike!

You can see the rest of our potty training journey by clicking this link: The Huggies Potty Training Challenge

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