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It’s the fella known as “The Hubby” here.  Lauren has very kindly handed over the reins of the blog because I decided to give up smoking and the people at Electric Zebra were nice enough to let me try out their electronic cigarette.

I’ll start with a little history of my smoking addiction. I started when I was too young, probably about the age of 14 meaning that I have been smoking for 15 years.   I have tried to give up a few times but obviously none of them were successful. When we had our first child I gave up for about 9 months, then I was told by the wife to start again as I was driving her mad with my mood swings.  I tried again when she was pregnant with the second and again that lasted about 9 months.  I have tried to give up countless times in the past 15 years but only for a couple of months at a time.  The stints where I gave up for the children are the longest I have gone but eventually I always turn back to the cigarettes.  This time I am feeling a little but more optimistic for a few reasons.  Firstly this time I really mean it, the wife makes me smoke outside and nowhere near the children when we are out so I’m sick of standing in the cold or walking 10 paces behind everybody.  Secondly have you seen the price of cigarettes nowadays? I will need to sell a lung to smoke and that kind of defeats the object if you ask me.

The Electric Zebra comes with its own storage case with space for 2 cartridges and a spare battery.  At first the look of the Electric Zebra put me off, it is black and white striped, hence the name, so could be contrived as a bit girly but it was soon manned up by the cool green glow that it lets off.  You exhale “smoke” like you would from a normal cigarette but the Zebra pattern means it doesn’t look like a normal cigarette so I can use it inside public places without being approached and told off for smoking.

The first time I used it I will be honest, it made my head feel funny like a headache feeling and it didn’t taste anything like nicotine in all honesty it made me feel sick. I also passed it to another smoker and he had the same experience. However I trundled on and found that the flavour improved after a few puffs and it become more like smoking a cigarette.  The Electric Zebra is easy to put together and claims that it lasts about 20 cigarettes.  To be honest I can’t really comment on that as for the last 12 months I have been on the rolling tobacco, but on average I would say it is probably right. Each cartridge lasted a good while, probably 4-5 days for me. The charge lasts well on the battery unit and only takes an hour to recharge again on any USB powered device, be it a computer laptop, or even a iPhone charging plug which I also tried.

What I would say is the part that helped me the most is what to do with my fingers, it’s the hardest thing for anyone trying to give up smoking, not the nicotine, but not having things to do with your hands, so in all yes over the last 3 weeks this has helped me, but at the same time I haven’t used it for the last few days as I would say I’m ready to be a non smoker without help.  I will give it a few more weeks and see what happens but at least if I get a craving I can carry on using the Electric Zebra until it passes getting a nicotine hit without the other crap that is in cigarettes like Tar.

The Electric Zebra starter pack retails for £25.95 and a pack of 14 refills costs just £13.95 with a choice of 3 flavours and 2 strengths.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the products for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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