Bugaboo Says BOO!

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A few weeks ago I received this video from Bugaboo.

I was left with a feeling of great anticipation.  Was a new pushchair, that had been kept a massive secret, about to be released?  Were Bugaboo going to surprise us with another gorgeous colour choice to add to their recent Colour Injection range?  I didn’t have to wait long because the day before Spud’s birthday I received another video.

After a surprise phone call from Bugaboo I was delighted to be told that I would be one of the lucky recipients of BOO The Celebration Issue!  I eagerly awaited it’s arrival and last week this dropped through the letterbox.

I excitedly, but carefully, opened the packaging and came face to face with something even better than I had expected.  It was more like a book than a magazine and wouldn’t look out of place next to magazines like Vogue on an expensive coffee table.

I had a quick flick through whilst the Boys ate their lunch willing them to eat quickly so I could settle down and read it properly, with Spike in bed and Spud chilling out for the afternoon.  Upon closer inspection I loved just how crammed full of information it is.  From an interview with Max Barenburg, Bugaboo’s co founder, to a timeline of  events in Bugaboo’s history every feature drew me in.  The interview with Max Barenburg is fantastic.  His attitude really shows you why Bugaboo is so successful and how it became the stylish designer pushchair that it is today.

Other features include details surrounding the limited edition Bugaboo’s, their work with (RED) and all the work done with designers such as Paul Frank, Marc Jacobs and Angela Missoni.

Another one of my favourite articles was about the Bugaboo Donkey.  When I first heard about the Bugaboo Donkey I wanted it and visited one in John Lewis where I fell instantly in love.  To read about how it took 6 years of hard graft to create and seeing how all the sketches and concepts became the pushchair that it is today just fascinated me.

You get a real feel from the magazine that every member of Bugaboo staff is truly passionate about their job and upon reading it I wanted to run to the nearest shop and become a Bugaboo owner.  It really is a fantastic read, Bugaboo owner or not and you can read or download a copy on their website.

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