Spike’s First Hair Cut

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If you are following my Project 366 you will have seen that Spike had his first hair cut.  For weeks the Hubby has been saying that it needs a cut but I refused to let him anywhere near the gorgeous baby curls forming on the back of Spike’s head.

Spud was bald from birth right up until he was about 18 months old.  There was not a hair on his shiny little head so having a baby with a head full is a total novelty!  Spike was born with hair which has always grown a bit oddly.  To start with the top grew straight up (hence his name) and then it appeared to stop growing altogether.  During that period of no growth the back and sides sprouted.  When his hair was wet it would go past his shoulders but when it was dry it was in gorgeous little ringlets not lower than the nape of his neck.  Unfortunately over the past few weeks every time I have brushed/played with/styled his hair within minutes he has put both hands behind his head and done an almighty ruffle resulting in a very frizzy mini Einstein.  I go away next week and the Hubby has been threatening to take Spike to get his hair cut.  He knows that he would be in a whole heap of trouble because once when he took Spud without asking me, I cried at the results!  (It wasn’t even his first haircut!)

To be on the safe side, after a bout of ruffling with yoghurt covered hands I plucked up the courage to take him to the barber.  Before we went I thought I’d get some snaps of his hair.  Sod’s Law being what it is, his hair looked perfect and lacked the frizz I was taking to have cut off.

He was so well behaved!  At 13 months old he sat on the chair all by himself and let her cut away his curls.  Not once did he reach up to see what she was doing.  He turned to look at her a few times but was quite content checking himself out in the mirror as she snipped away.  Luckily she did as I asked and just tidied it up.  He still has hair and still has a lot of it, it’s just a whole lot neater and fairly even all over.

Hopefully now because she tipped the top as well it will grow nicely and all over so that in a few months he will have a whole mop of gorgeous blond curls but for now he has a nice neat boys hair cut and looks exactly like his big brother!

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