A Shock to the System

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The Hubby has done really odd shifts since we moved down here in 2010 where he would do 24 hour shifts every couple of days for 3 weeks and then get 2 weeks off work.  Over the past 18 months it’s kept changing and up until recently he was doing 6-6 every 3 or 4 days.  We never really knew whether we were coming or going but it did mean that I had access to the car quite a lot and even if I didn’t one day I knew I would the next.  His shifts have changed again and he is now on a really odd rota of so many days doing 4pm-12am, so many days of doing 8am-4pm and so many days of doing 12am-8am every single day, including weekends, for about 3-4 weeks and then getting 2 weeks off (are you still with me?!)

Now I thought we would struggle with the afternoon and night shifts but nothing has hit me harder than him actually working 8am-4pm!  He takes the car and I have to actually walk places!  Today we didn’t have anything for dinner so when I picked the boys up from Creche we went to the shop which charge almost double what the supermarket do.  I could walk further to bigger shops but with a lunch/nap routine and a tired toddler I didn’t really fancy it, plus no pram basket could hold the amount of shopping that I needed!  I got what we needed and came home to immediately do an online shop.  The earliest slot that I could get was tomorrow after 8pm so when the boys were ready for bed I shot out quickly to the supermarket to plan for tomorrows dinner!

It is a really big shock to my system.  I no longer have the freedom to just pop out leaving the kids with the Hubby or without having to plan it down to the very last minute.  He doesn’t finish days until a week on Friday so I have had to plan my life until then without needing to pop out to get something for dinner.  Usually I’d be able to get by until the weekend of until an off day but this feels horrid!  This post will get a lot of the wives of men that do Hubby’s jobs in a right old tizz because at least he is at home and not at Sea but do you know what?  I’d rather he buggered off to sea and left me with 110% access to my car and knowing what exactly was going on from day to day!

The real fun will be when I drop him at work at the weekend and have to sit with the boys whilst our car has it’s MOT – wish me luck!

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