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When Spud had his bike accident a few weeks ago I realised just how badly fitted his bike helmet was.  He had just a standard shaped helmet but with his head being 52cm he was too big for toddler helmets and at the lower end of the measurements of a child’s helmet.  We tried everything to get a good fit but it always slipped backwards exposing his forehead.  When he had the crash his helmet did protect his head from the impact but he ended up with cuts and grazes all up one side of his face and head.

When Balance 1st heard about his Strider Bike crash they took sympathy on his and offered him a Nutcase Gen 2 Union Jack Street Sport Helmet to review.  Nutcase helmets have a sterling reputation worldwide and meet or exceed all UK safety standards.  They are an injection-moulded ABS shell with protective inner foam.  There are 7 holes on the top and 2 on the front and back for ventilation and reflective, glow in the dark logos on the front and back.  The shape differs from a standard helmet because it offers a more rounded helmet with protection for the forehead and back of the head.  The helmet goes right down to the neckline and when I was trying to describe it to be Husband he said it resembled what he would call a skaters helmet.

When it arrived I was extremely pleased with the quality.  It looks superb and like it will do its job properly but at the same time extremely stylish.  I loved that it included a funky wrist band and that, the foam padding and glow in the dark sticker on the back carry the slogan “I Love My Brain.”  The helmet comes with 4 different sized sets of padding to get the perfect fit and has an extremely simple fitting guide that tells you exactly how to check if the helmet is on correctly.

Spud was very excited when he saw the new helmet and wanted to go on his bike straight away.  The fabric chin strap is nicely padded so won’t rub and cause irritation and because it’s a Gen 2 the clasp is magnetic so abolishes the risk of catching his skin when doing it up (Yes I am a bad mummy and have done that numerous times!)  He is very proud of it so is extremely careful.  Due to the magnetic buckle the Nutcase Gen 2 helmets are the only helmet that is play equipment approved so little heads can be protected when dare devils decide to scale the climbing frame at the park!  With his old helmet I used to hover every time he had it in his hands because he had a habit of lobbing it across the room but with his Nutcase helmet he holds it tightly and won’t let anyone else (especially Spike) touch it!

He looks really cool wearing it and the Union Jack design matches his blue bike perfectly.  He has had so many admiring glances and people at the community centre that he goes to Nursery at have approached me asking where they can buy one because they like that the shape offers more protection.

People always say that you can’t put a price on safety but I know all too well that if you simply can’t afford something then you kind of have to.  Initially the RRP of £50 put me right off but honestly after Spud’s accident and trying the Nutcase helmet, knowing just by looking at it how much safer it is I would pay that without any complaints.  When Spike is old enough to use a bike or scooter outside I will definitely be purchasing him a Nutcase helmet, it is always better to be safe than sorry.  The Nutcase helmet is such good quality that it is worth every penny especially as it will last him a very long time.

There are so many different designs to choose from each as stylish as the last and you’ll be pleased to know that Nutcase also have the Little Nutty Gen 2 range which fit heads that are 46-52cm.  Spud has the one that goes from 52-59cm using the different sized foams and I tried it on earlier and was surprised that even I could get a really good fit from it.

I would thoroughly recommend the Nutcase helmets to anybody and with the code SPUDSPIKE you can get £5 off any Balance 1st order that contains a Nutcase helmet.  Check out their package deals for the great savings on multi buys.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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