Poorly Sick

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We have been a bit quiet on the Blog front recently because we are a germ ridden house!  Since Christmas someone in the Spud & Spike household has been ill.  First I got a horrible cold virus thing which the Hubby picked up.  The boys started back at Creche and the coughs, colds and virus’ hit us all like a ton of bricks.  Both boys had coughs and colds when Spud picked up conjunctivitis.  Spike then got blocked tear ducts and a chest infection.  I then got Tonsillitis.  It’s been one thing after another and just as one of us gets healthy another one gets knocked down with something.  Most of my photographs for January and February contain an ill person in some shape or form and anyone following our Project 366 will have noticed last weeks were extremely boring shots of tablets and ice cream because we were pretty much housebound!

The Boys being ill is harder for me to handle because half the time I don’t know what they want.  Spike becomes extremely clingy and doesn’t sleep very well and Spud becomes really whingey.  At least when I’m ill I can go to bed and feel sorry for myself.  Luckily when I got tonsillitis the Hubby was off work so I managed to get a lot of rest before it got too bad.  Thank God for considerate tonsils ey?

I’m hoping that half term will give us all a bit of a chance to shift the bugs but if not I’m shooting off to Amsterdam next week so will be germ and child free for 5 days!

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