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PMT – 58/366 #project366

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Spud and I fell out a lot today.  All I could do was laugh when I went to tidy the playroom and found three of the letters I had asked him hundreds of times to put away stuck on the Easel.

Review – Unibond Humidity Absorber

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There is one thing that I hate about the Summer and that’s humidity.  Coming upstairs to put the children to bed and walking in to a stifling room even though a fan has been running with open windows for hours prior to bedtime.  For the past 3 years I have tried to get their bedroom to a comfortable temperature for them but even then the humidity just makes it horrible.  When I was asked to review the Unibond Humidity Absorber I wanted to jump at the chance knowing how handy it would be in the summer but considered it to be totally the wrong time of year.

A Secret Lake – 57/366 #project366

Written by Lauren. Posted in #project366

Today we went for a walk through the woods at the back of our house and ventured a bit further and found a whole new area to explore with a lake and ducks!  This hidden gem has been sat 5 minutes behind our house for the past 18 months and we didn’t even know!