Operation Inch Loss – Week 1

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Despite being bed ridden with Tonsillitis I managed to squeeze in my three sessions of Flabelos last week.  As promised here is the update!  The first session that we went to after the party was weird.  Both Amy and I stood on the wobble plate and because we were on a different program were shocked by how much it sped up in such a short space of time.  I’m not going to lie every time I start on the Wobble machine I feel a bit queasy.  It soon passes and to be honest if a tiny bit of queasiness is going to lose some inches I’m not going to complain!

Because we were both feeling a bit sorry for ourselves we didn’t do any exercises on the machine last week.  We did a few half hearted squats but not anything to write home about.

So here are the results!

Arms – No Loss

Waist – No Loss

Hips – No Loss

Bottom – 1″ Loss

Thigh (L)  No Loss  (R) 1″ Loss

Calf (L)  No Loss  (R) No Loss

We have a total of 2 inches lost from 30 minutes on the wobble machine over a 7 day period!

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