Do the Moodd Walk and WIN a Quinny Moodd!

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A few weeks before Christmas we got our second QuinnyCaster challenge.  We had to get our dancing shoes on and preform the Moodd walk, a dance choreographed by a dance school especially for Quinny.

The challenge was to put our own swing on things and the Boys and I came up with this:

Now that isn’t me in the video it’s somebody that can actually dance who I roped in to help because I have two left feet.  No where on the brief did it say that I had to be in it myself so I decided to be cheeky and clever all at the same time!  It paid off because we were one of the challenge winners!

The good news is if you would like to get your hands on a Quinny Moodd travel system worth over £1000 then all you have to do is pay their Facebook page a visit and using the application upload your own version of the Moodd Walk before the 15th March 2012!  There are nine prizes in total so plenty of chances to get your hands on a new Quinny, our video only took an hour to film and edit so it’s definitely worth a crack!

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