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A few days ago for Project 366 I blogged about the secret lake that we found behind our house.  Our back garden goes out into some woods and we have walked through them numerous times since we moved here 18 months ago but always stopped when they appeared to end and become more houses.  We ventured a bit further and discovered the secret lake.  Well today it was lovely and sunny and Spike woke up after only an hours nap in a foul mood.  Rather than hang around the house tearing my hair out because of my whinging baby we decided to go for a walk back to the secret lake to feed some ducks.

We walked a lot further around the lake than we did the other day and found a whole bunch of ducks, seagulls and a couple of swans.  The swans immediately came out of the water and right up to us.  To say I was nervous of them was an understatement.  They were as big as Spud and I know what their wings and beaks can do!  Spike wasn’t keen.  At first we thought it was because he was worried about the swans so the hubby took him to one side to watch but then we realised it was because we were throwing food away.  A handful of bread later and he was happy!

When we ran out of bread one swan buggered off but the other one kept edging nearer.  It growled and shook it’s tail at me (today’s Project 366) so I decided it was probably best to get the hell out of there!  Spud strode off on his bike as if to go home but the Hubby decided that we would keep walking and see where the bridge in the distance went to.

We said goodbye to the ducks and strolled through a lovely tunnel created by the trees.  Over the bridge we saw a whole new lake but the tide was out so it created some fab looking landscape.

A bit further around we found some boats.

It was really surreal.  We felt like we had stepped out of our city altogether but in reality were still only about 20 minutes from home!  We walked around the rest of the lake and headed home arriving only a little bit after an hour since we had left!

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