Listography – Top 5 Phrases That Drive Me Crazy

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I’ve not done Listography for what seems like an age and I really miss it!  This week’s prompt made me think so I definitely wanted to join in.  Here are the Top 5 Phrases that drive me Crazy!

“It’s Ironic…..”

Well clearly you need to look up the meaning of Ironic because what you have just said or are about to say clearly isn’t Ironic!

“I’ll do it in a minute…..”

Usually said by the Hubby who then precedes to not do it.

“Shurrup Mummy!”

Eloquently said by my nearly 3 year old on a regular basis.

“Oh well my baby was doing such and such at such and such an age.”

I really don’t care, all babies develop at different stages and yes yours might be quoting Shakespeare at only a year old whilst mine is still perfecting GaGaGoo but mine will get there in the end and could actually work for NASA whilst yours claims off the state.

“No Lauren…”

Only if I have asked for something like that sparkly new changing bag or gorgeous new pushchair and the Hubby gives me that answer.  It makes me want to take said changing bag and whack him around the head with it.


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