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Friendship is a funny thing.  As humans we crave companionship and spend a huge chunk of our lives building and maintaining relationships.  Being an Army Brat I moved around every two years so friends almost became disposable.  I went to boarding school and was reassured that I would make friends for life.  I do keep in touch with friends from school but only via Facebook.  Without Facebook I probably wouldn’t be in contact with many of them.

Over the years since leaving school I have made a few friends here and there but my closest friends have always been made online.  One of my best friends I met years ago on a rabbit forum and we would go through stages of talking and not talking right up until she fell pregnant with her first child.  I was also pregnant with Spike so we suddenly had a massive thing in common and would talk every day.  We still now talk daily and I would class her as a true friend despite never meeting her in the flesh.

Funnily enough since having children all friendships have been based and built around them.  I made loads of friends at baby groups and through sites like Netmums but it was also about the kids.  We would meet up for playdates and talk about our children and not about ourselves and we certainly didn’t do anything without children involved.  I don’t think it’s my fault and I don’t think it’s theirs I just didn’t click properly with anyone.  Friends that you talk to online are all well and good but nothing beats a face to face moaning session!

I came to realise that actually there was no one that I saw regularly was someone that I could class as MY friend.  One that I could confide in and share my problems with.  About a year ago I met Amy on Netmums because we have boys nearly the same age.  We got together for a few playdates but our friendship never really took off.  Until we left the kids out of it.  Now we arrange our lives without the children, we go to extreme lengths to make sure our plans aren’t scuppered by the inconvenience that are our children.  She came with me to Amsterdam where we had an absolute blast and it’s brilliant that we both think the same things most of the time.  Our husbands had arranged to get together on the Thursday that we got back and it was great that both Amy and I couldn’t think of anything worse!  We had been in each others pockets for the past 4 days and although like each other a lot there are some limits!

So excuse the soppy post but this is my BFF!

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