The Easywalker June is Nominated for a Baby Innovation Award 2012!

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Every year Amsterdam hosts the Nine Months Fair or Negenmaandenbeurs as it is better known.  Last year it added the Baby Innovation Awards to it’s line up and they were so successful that they are back again!  A professional panel have chosen 40 of their favourite Dutch products due to be released this year and then visitors to the fair can vote for their favourite.

The fantastic Easywalker June which I am so excited about has been nominated for a Baby Innovation Award and it’s not surprising with it’s 4 off terrain wheels, suspension, rear facing and one fold.  It is an extremely compact pushchair that can battle the toughest of terrains and cope brilliantly with city living at the same time.  My favourite feature has to be the option to fold it with the seat in rear facing as my biggest bug bear is having to take the seat off on one fold prams to turn it around before folding.  The fold is tiny.  For such a sturdy pushchair it folds small enough to fit into the boot of a Mini and being travel system compatible with the option of adding a gorgeous carrycot or car seat it is suitable from birth right up until walking.  Spike and I really can’t wait to get our hands on one of these babies!

Now, we would LOVE it if Easywalker won the innovation award, I think it is very much deserved because they designed a pushchair that ticks ALL the boxes.  Take a look at their funky video and see what you think.

Please Please Please (!) vote for the June in the Innovation Awards.  If you aren’t using Google Chrome with it’s translate function then simply find the picture of the Easywalker June (it’s the top one) and click the circle next to “Dit product krijgt mijn stem!” which means “This product gets my vote!”


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