Spud & Spike’s Christmas 2011

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The build up to Christmas 2011 was brilliant because Spud was showing signs that he actually understood some of the excitement.  He loved everything to do with Christmas.  Pictures of Santa, reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees presents – you name it he loved it.  He even gave his dummies to Santa for the Baby Elves and after only one day of asking for them he is officially dummy free.  Being only 11 months old Spike really didn’t seem fazed about the upcoming festivities but did appreciate the sparkly lights and sneakily stealing baubles off the tree.

On Christmas Eve we travelled to see the In Laws and have a mini Christmas Day with them.  Spud and Spike both got to open their presents and spent the day playing with their cousins.

We made sure that we got back to Nana and Pops’ house in time to do the traditional Santa preparations and the boys both got into their brand new pj’s.  We couldn’t find a carrot so Rudolph ended up with a half eaten raw parsnip (Spud insisted on testing it.)  Spud appeared to be excited but I don’t think he quite understood because he went straight down to sleep with no dramas!

Once in bed asleep Santa made his visit and spoilt Spud and Spike something rotten!  Spud’s face when he saw that Santa had been, eaten his mince pie and left a stash of presents was amazing.

Spikey was still asleep when Spud first got up so it gave us the opportunity to watch him open his stocking, all of which he loved.  When Spike finally arose from his pit Spud helped him to do his stocking which was lovely because I expected Spud to stake claim to all the goodies but he understood that they weren’t his and showed everything to Spike.

Spud helped Pops to distribute all the presents and did get very impatient towards the end of the pile.  He would place his presents on his pile ever so nicely but throw everyone elses at them!  Spike just sat there looking a bit confused!

Both boys did extremely well and both had huge piles of presents to enjoy.  Watching them open them was really nice especially as Spike got involved properly and wasn’t just interested in the paper!  Spud would open one and rather than discard it for the next one he would examine it thoroughly to see what it actually was.

We had a very good day and the dinner was yummy.  I was actually in bed before Spud because I wasn’t very well but watching the joy on the boys faces made my entire year.

We hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and a fab New Year.  I am extremely excited about next year because even though Spike still won’t quite understand Spud should have an even greater level of understanding and excitement about everything.

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