Spud & Spike’s 2011 Part 1

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The Hubby and I toasted 2011 whilst sat with our brand new 5 day old baby Spike.

The beginning of the year was primarily focused on trying to figure out what was wrong with our little Spike.  He wasn’t a happy fella and whilst I spent weeks battling with the Doctors and Health Visitors about reflux he was also suffering infected cradle cap, eczema, suspected Torticollis, Plagiocephaly, constipation and a really angry rash on his face.  LOTS of lotions, potions and appointments later he started to resemble a healthy, developing little bubba that just thrived with the help of Gaviscon which he was finally prescribed when he was 6 weeks old.  Nana also visited in February for a week where she introduced Spud to the wonder that is Playdoh!

Until March I had two children under the age of two which funnily enough was easier that I had ever imagined.  Spud wasn’t pleased and steered clear of his baby brother but it wasn’t until he turned two that things really got difficult!  Spud’s birthday was fab with his first haircut happening at his birthday party, a trip to the zoo and lunch at pizza hut complete with his first tantrum!

In April Nana and Pops kidnapped Spud and Spike and took them home with them for a week to give the Hubby and I a little break.  They took them up to Thomas Land in Drayton Manor for the day which Spud absolutely loved as it was right in the middle of his Thomas obsession.  We went to Reading on the day of the Royal Wedding to collect our boys but decided to stay a few extra days especially because I wanted to visit my Great Grandmother in hospital after she had broken her hip the previous week.

Monday 2nd May 2011 I sat holding my Great Grandmother’s hand as she passed away.  May was clouded with grief and planning and then the bittersweet experience of seeing my brother for the first time since he moved to the states a few years ago.

Then we come to June.  The month that The Wonderful Adventures of Spud & Spike was born.  I had been umming and ahhing about starting a Blog for a few months and noticed that a lot of competitions for testing pushchairs that I wanted to win often had “Blogging” as an entry requirement.  I started compiling my application to be a QuinnyCaster and thought I could kill two birds with one stone by keeping a diary for our family to read and follow the development of the boys.  One thing I never expected was for strangers to read it or to meet the totally fab people that I have met on the way.  This photo always reminds me of the start of the Blog because it was my very first header image.

The next few months flew by even quicker than the start of the year with the help of some fantastic companies asking me to review some great products and offering me once in a life time experiences.  There is far too much to write for one post so watch out for part 2!

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