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We used to have a stair gate across our hallway blocking off the back room and the kitchen.  When we made the back room into a play room for the boys we tried to do the obvious and move the gate to the kitchen door.  Imagine our horror when we discovered our kitchen door was ultra slim and standard sized gates didn’t fit!  For a while we tried to manage without a gate.  We have cupboard locks on all the cupboards and drawers and the oven door doesn’t get hot.  Then I discovered the joys of trying to cook in a tiny kitchen with a baby trying to climb up my leg and a toddler helping himself to frozen peas or packets of crisps.  Spike also discovered the bin and the treasures that lay inside.  When I found him eating 2 day old pizza straight from the bin I decided enough was enough and we needed a gate.

I went on a hunt for a slim line, pressure fit gate to stop me from pulling my hair out.  We wanted pressure fit rather than screw fit because Spud has cottoned on to the workings of screw fit gates and can easily open them by putting his whole weight behind it!  When Safetots sent me in the direction of their fit finder I came across two that fitted my requirements (there were over 400 to choose from to suit every possible scenario!)  The fit finder is great, I simply entered in the width of the opening and hey presto there were the gates that would fit!

Safetots offered us the opportunity to review one of the ones that fitted so we chose the Extra Narrow Tippitoes Swing Shut Safety Gate.

The key features of the Tippitoes Swing Shut Child Safety Gate are that it locks top and bottom, it has two way opening, it shuts itself and the extra narrow version fits openings 61-67cm wide with the option to add extension bars.  It has two buttons on the release handle which are great because it means tiny hands can’t do it no matter how clever the toddler is!  One of our favourite features is that it shuts itself and locks into place.  That means we can leave the kitchen with our hands full safe in the knowledge that stealth toddlers aren’t sneaking into the kitchen.  The gate itself was so easy to put up.  It’s pressure fitted and comes with screw fitted wall cups which we have attached to prevent the gate slipping from our glossed door frame.  I lined them up with the gate and screwed them directly into the wood without the need for any power tools, just a regular Phillips screwdriver.

 I then simply slotted the 4 pins into each corner and then tightened them on the door frame.  It was out of the box and in the opening in about 5 minutes.  When we first put it up Spud was at Nursery but Spike was there and I was greeted with this reaction:

Since then the boys have shown their hatred for it.  Both can regularly be found hanging off the gate, which hasn’t budged in the slightest, whinging because they want to be in the kitchen getting under my feet.  But I absolutely love it!  I can step backwards without falling over or treading on little hands.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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