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When an email pinged in asking me to review one of two pushchairs, I had to take a step away from the PC.  First I did a happy dance, the word “pushchair” gets all sorts of excitable reactions from this pram whore and the fact that I got to choose make me jump around…….a lot.  When I looked further into the details of the two pushchairs from Quicksmart – the Easy Fold Stroller and the Backpack Stroller I knew I had a difficult choice.  The two innovative strollers in the Quicksmart range offer something that so many other strollers just don’t offer – total ease of use.  After a discussion with the Hubby (it’s not often I get him involved in pushchair decisions) we opted for the Easy Fold Stroller, especially after watching this demonstration video!

According to Quicksmart the revolutionary folding system means that the Easy Fold Stroller can be set up using one hand in a matter of seconds.  It can then be packed away into the travel bag and carried over your shoulder.  One of the biggest things that impressed me was that it is suitable from 6 months to 20kg.  Not many strollers go past 15kg and with Spud being that heavy when he was 18 months and Spike already being 12.5kg at only a year it limits our choice greatly.  I didn’t expect a basic stroller like the Quicksmart Easy Fold to have many features especially with an RRP of £122 so was pleasantly surprised to find that it has a hood, rain cover as well as the travel bag included.

When it arrived I was quite shocked at the size of the box.  It was tiny!  I expected it to be in a million pieces and have to spend a few hours erecting it but soon discovered that it came in one piece totally ready to use.

Now here is where I came unstuck.  I had watched the fab video and seen how easy the woman made it look.  Well I didn’t find it that easy!  There is definitely a knack to it.  It took me a lot of umming and ahhing, referring to the instructions and help from Hubby before I had it up.  Once up I placed this photo on the Blog’s Facebook page to see what peoples first thoughts would be purely on looks.

It got a lot of negative comments and I started to feel sorry for the poor thing.  I collapsed it away into the travel bag (which again took me blinking ages!) ready to use another day.

Our paths are really quite dodgy around here and we live at the bottom of a valley so I was worried about how the Quicksmart Easy Fold would cope and kept putting off using it.  Then the Hubby forced me into it.  He went to work with my pushchair, stroller and baby carrier in his boot and the garage key in the glove box.  This left me with two options for the school run.  Try and carry my 12.5kg baby or use the Quicksmart Easy Fold Stroller which was stored nicely in the cupboard.

Reluctantly I got it out the cupboard and set Spike up in it.  He fitted nicely but I was disappointed with the lack of leg support.  He seemed comfy enough so we popped off to pre school.  With all the running around trying to find a pushchair we were running late so I decided to see if  I could take it through the woods behind our house.  I was gobsmacked at how easy it was to push and steer.  It sort of glided over the pavements and even has suspension to absorb the lumps and bumps.  It went through the mud and leaves in the woods no problem and I was starting to fall in love.

We have to cross a river if we take the short cut and I was able to lift the pushchair with Spike in it over the river easily before applying the strong brake and going back to get Spud and help him cross.  I was then able to carry the pushchair with Spike in it up a large flight of stone steps.  I was mightily impressed.  As you can see from the pictures Spike is happy enough so must be comfortable as he is usually the first one to protest.

He looks a tad large in the first photo but he is wearing a snowsuit.  Spud is nearly 3 and fits nicely and his feet can reach the footrest so it is definitely better for older children in terms of leg support.  On the way back from pre school I decided that it is a brilliant stroller for short trips, occasional use and holidays but that it wouldn’t suit us as a stroller for daily use.  I prefer something a lot sturdier with more support for when Spike is in the Stroller for a long time.  It does recline for naps but not as much as I would like for Spike and the lack of leg support really puts me off.  It is a fab price for what it has to offer but it is very basic.  Folding and unfolding certainly takes some getting used to and even after weeks of using it I still can’t do it like the woman on the video.  Maybe I was spoilt with the easy folding mechanism of the Baby Jogger City Mini but for me the Quicksmart Easy Fold doesn’t live up to its name.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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