My Playroom OCD

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Whenever people see our Playroom it provokes one of two reactions.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in real life or via pictures on here we always get either “gosh it’s so tidy!” or “they have so many toys!”

The tidy comments are true, the playroom is the most organised and best kept room in the house.  I am a big beleiver in my children tidying up after themselves and the playroom gets tidied about 5 or 6 times a day, it teaches them organisation and teaches them to look after their belongings.  Neither of my children watch where they walk and often if things are left lying around they get trodden on and can easily break so the toys end up being an almighty waste of money.

As for the comments about the amount of toys they have, we actually have a lot of storage for a small amount of toys.  Everything is organised to within an inch of it’s life.  A box for Fireman Sam, a box for Postman Pat, a box for Lightning McQueen………you get my drift.

My meticulous organisational skills are the subject of many taunts from the Hubby, my friends, my family and anyone else that discovers my problem.  It started when Spud first started playing properly with his toys.  I noticed that he would ignore the toys at the bottom of the box and stick to the ones at the top.  I went out and bought him a proper unit that could organise his toys properly.  As soon as it arrived I organised them so that toys that went together were kept together and laid out in their little boxes that were easily accessible to Spud.  Surely that’s just common sense?!  Obviously as the years have gone on we have had to upgrade to a bigger unit but that just made organising it even worse.  We have a cupboard specifically for balls.  I’m talking three small balls in one rather spacious cupboard!

On a hugely positive note organising it this well makes it extremely easy to tidy.  It also means that the boys (well Spud) know exactly where things are.  If he wants to play with a specific toy he knows where to look without having to search through a whole box and without leaving a trail of destruction in the search.  Don’t get me wrong the boys don’t get into trouble for making a mess, they are like any other toddlers and can make a room look like it has been hit by a bomb in about 30 seconds flat but we will then make tidying up a game which must be fun because it’s not often that I end up doing it on my own.  One downside that I have discovered recently is that if I go in there to play with them I often end up tidying even the smallest amount of mess before I can relax with them!  Luckily with EVERY toy out it takes only about 5 minutes to have it all looking spick and span so there is no worry about me ignoring the children for the sake of a tidy room!

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