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2011 saw Lauren the lazy cook.  I married a chef who was at home A LOT so I just left it to him to cook.  If he was working then the boys would be given something quick and I’d probably eat nothing.  Every week i’d say that I would do proper menus but would just never get around to it.

Over the week between Christmas and New Year my parents had the boys so the Hubby and I spent the time completely gutting the house and getting rid of the crap that we have accumulated over the past 4 years.  After 5 car journeys to the tip our house had some semblance of order.  It has done wonders to my motivation and for the past two weeks I have sat down on a Sunday, written a menu, a shopping list and planned what we will eat for the week.  Baring in mind I never learnt to cook, I chose easy things to start with and we ate spaghetti bolognese, moussaka, braised sausages, maple BBQ pork chops and toad in the hole.  The week ended with the best roast dinner that I have ever made with roast lamb, fab roast potatoes and veg.

This week we are having Cottage Pie, Lasagna, Beef Bourguignon, Chilli Con Carne, Fish Pie and Roast Chicken.  Today whilst making the Beef Bourguignon I made my first error.  As a non wine drinker I did not know what Lambrusco Rosso was other than that it was cheap so our Beef Bourguignon is being made with the fizzy stuff.  I am really hoping it doesn’t affect the flavour!  To make up for this error I have made cupcakes and cookies!

With my new found domestic side I am starting to loathe my lack of tools.  I don’t have a sieve which is regularly needed for sifting flour and I don’t have a wire rack.  When cakes come out of the oven I stand them on the wire rack that belongs in the grill pan!  I have now compiled my “Kitchen Wish List” (hint hint Hubby!)


Wire rack

Digital scales


Wooden Spoons

Flame-proof Casserole Dish



Ingredient Jars

Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Potato Bag

New Oven Trays

There is probably a lot more that I could add to the list but I think I need to start small!  I was in Morrisons earlier and they wanted £4 for an own brand sieve!

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