Happy New Year!

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Firstly let me apologise for my huge absence.  I did promise to pop in and say hello between Christmas and New Year but on Christmas Eve I came down with a really horrible bug.  We had Christmas, which was great (more posts about that this week!) but I was in bed before Spud was!  The same happened on Spike’s 1st Birthday so even though we had two great days they were dampened by how totally rubbish I felt.

Luckily we were leaving the boys with Nana and Pops and headed home on the 27th so the Hubby could go back to work and I could get some much needed rest.  But I spent the next few days totally gutting the house having a humongous clear out so by the time I had a chance to sit down with the pc I felt rubbish.  Friday came and I was put on steroid tablets for my lungs by the Dr and very responsibly the Hubby and I went out to the club for some drinks on New Years Eve.

It was lovely to spend time with the Hubby and no kids.  This week we have been able to pop out without it taking 30 minutes and shed loads of stuff.  We got so much done including 3 tip runs!  Our new sofa was also delivered and we spent a day choosing end tables and a coffee table (how very grown up!)

Now that the boys are home we are jumping straight back in with both feet and all blogging business will be resumed starting with our Christmas and Birthday stories!

We hope you had a truly fab Christmas and New Year, here’s to 2012!

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