The Arrival of the Quinny Moodd

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In Sepember 2011 Quinny unveiled their two new offerings in the Pram market.  The Quinny Moodd and the Quinny Yezz.  Quinny built up the anticipation to it’s fans perfectly on their Facebook Page revealing a tile a day on a hidden picture.  When the picture of the Quinny Moodd was finally released there was a mixed reaction with a lot of people shouting “it’s just a Buzz!”

Now I have owned a Quinny Buzz so I was probably amongst the rabble of people thinking Quinny had fobbed us off with the same pushchair with a smaller seat and different colour schemes.  Quinny soon battered down all the speculation revealing that the Moodd was very different to the Buzz, the seat, the chassis, the colours – everything was different.  Call me a cynic but it still just looked like a Buzz.  As more features were announced it started to sound like a different pushchair but I still always had a niggling thought Buzz-ing (see what I did there!) around.

The Quinny Yezz is a nifty little thing that folds up super small and only weighs 5kg.  It would have been perfect for last Summer when Spud and I spent days back and forth to London using their not so pushchair friendly underground.  The Yezz is made from climbing ropes, skating wheels and kite fabric so not your usual pushchair but it is designed to be extremely lightweight, sporty and very much for Urban use.

The QuinnyCasters then waited with baited breath to find out which one they would be lucky enough to be testing.  We were told that we were going to be getting the Quinny Moodd and I was delighted.  I would get to see first hand if this “new” pushchair really was just a glorified Quinny Buzz.

Last week the Quinny Moodd arrived on my doorstep.  The delivery man literally ran away from my house petrified because I was so excited that I was quite tempted to hug him!  Luckily the Hubby was in and able to hold me back.  The boys were both at Nursery so I quickly tried to get into the box.  Now Quinny have told us that it was meant to be like a gift box so we would lift the lid and “ta-da!” but unfortunately it took me a good 10 minutes to wiggle the lid off.  Boy there was some swearing going on!  Now before I got too excited I decided that it would be to show you all just how easy or hard it was to put together rather than tell you so set up the video camera!

Now the basics were dead easy but the basket, canopy and bumper bar all required a look at the instructions!  Had I read the instructions beforehand (I never do, ease of use is a sign of a good pushchair so I only reach for the instructions if I really really have to) the time would probably have been cut in half.  Once completely set up I pushed it empty (I did get odd looks believe me!) up the hill to collect the boys.  It really didn’t like being pushed without a child and the front wheel kept spinning around so it’s safe to say I was worried.  Once the lump that is Spike was secured in the 5 point harness with the bumper bar on it pushed like a dream.  The rear air filled tyres and front foam filled tyres make it extremely easy to push and even though I mentioned in the video that the seat on it’s own was very heavy, the pushchair with a 12kg child in wasn’t.  I could push it easily with one hand whilst I held Spud’s hand or took pictures of Spike.

My excitement didn’t fade and after lunch and nap time we decided to head out into the woods for a walk.  The Hubby was gobsmacked.  He really didn’t expect me to take a brand new sparkly pushchair out on it’s first day into thick mud and leaves.  Again it pushed like a dream.  I was able to glide through the mud and leaves whilst speed walking or almost jogging along next to Spud who took his bike with him.  The brake system is great with one peddle for on and one for off.  It’s easy to engage and disengage and holds the pushchair nice and securely.

So do I think it is like a Buzz?  There are some similarities i.e. the look of the chassis but that really is where it ends.  I would say that the Quinny Moodd is an evolved Quinny Buzz.  Quinny have taken the bad points and made them better on a much more luxurious pushchair.  The seat is very different.  It’s much more comfortable and the harness is super easy to adjust.  The cover is attached with press studs so there is no fiddling around trying to get it off and one of it’s biggest plus points is that the 3 position recline is for both parent and forward facing.  You can collapse the Moodd with the seat unit on in forward facing mode and it has a whole new folding system without losing the automatic unfold.  Instead of standing facing the chassis like you did with the Buzz you simply pop up the two trigger buttons on the inside of the handle and push it down in one clean movement.  My one massive bugbear with the Buzz was the width of the chassis at the back.  The whole pushchair gives you the feeling that it is nice and compact but then you go through a door and get stuck because it’s massive rear end can’t make it through.  The Moodd has the same wide rear end.  HOWEVER!  I measured the width from the edge of the left wheel to the edge of the right wheel and it came up as 66cm.  I then measured the same distance on my Jané Slalom Reverse and found that to be only 2cm skinnier at 64cm.  The Moodd isn’t actually that much wider than standard 3 wheelers but because the rest of it is compact it just gives off a beasty vibe at the back.

Nearly a week after it’s arrival and I am still excited every time I get to use it so I am definitely looking forward to what tasks Quinny throw at us over the next few months!

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