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We first encountered the Yoomi Self Warming bottle at the Baby Show in Earls Court.  I had briefly seen it during a feature on ITV’s This Morning and it was one of those products that made me sit up and listen so I was keen to see it in action.

When Spike was tiny he had quite bad silent reflux and was on the strongest dose of Gaviscon that we were allowed to give.  He was very fussy about the temperature of his milk and one day I had no choice but to give it to him at the temperature that it comes out of the carton.  About 90 minutes later he was screaming.  I mean proper screaming.  Nothing could settle him and my neighbour was trying her hardest to help me settle him but he was not a happy chappy at all.  After that I made sure that he never had cold milk again even if it meant jumping over hoops to get his bottle heated.  I had a portable warmer which resembled a thermos flask but the weight of it made my bag extremely heavy and if we were out for a long time the water didn’t stay hot for long enough to heat the milk to a decent temperature.  As any parent will agree it is heartbreaking to not be able to calm your own baby and you always strive to achieve this:

Yoomi appears to be my life saver.  It is an absolutely amazing concept and has even been selected one of the top 15 British Inventions of the last decade.  Designed by a mum and dad who had experienced the inconvenience of needing a bottle warmed when out the Yoomi is a rechargeable, BPA free, self heating baby bottle that warms the feed to the natural temperature of breast milk at the touch of a button in just 60 seconds.  It really does sound too good to be true.  It takes away the worry about needing to find somewhere to heat a bottle when out, it takes away the wasted time in the middle of the night whilst you desperately try to heat the bottle and makes feeding extremely easy and hassle free.  You simply place the heat element into the teat and the milk has to pass over the element to get to the end of the teat and gets heated on it’s way.  (For the in depth guide on how it works click here!)

When our Yoomi bottle arrived we saw that it was adorned with a fancy red limited edition collar.  Yoomi have gone red this Christmas in support of TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Births Association) and along with a release of a twins set on their website they are also donating 10% of all red collar sales sales to TAMBA.  The teats, collars, lids and bottles are all interchangeable throughout the range and it is available in 5oz or 8oz with slow, medium and fast flowing teats.

I was keen to get going with the Yoomi straight away but also thought it would be a good idea to read the instructions properly.  We also wanted to try Spike without the warmer to see how he would take to a new teat.  The fab thing is you can use the bottle with or without the warmer so if you are at home and make a bottle up fresh you don’t have to worry about the element.  Spike being the gannet that he is took to it straight away so the Hubby took the warmer to try and charge it up.  This is where we fell foul.  You really do have to follow the instructions to the absolute letter and it is a bit of a timely process.  You need to heat the element on it’s side in a pan or boiling water for 25 minutes (alternatively it can be put in the steriliser for 25 minutes) and when that time period has passed you need to leave it to stand for 75 minutes before using it.  If you don’t follow the instructions it simply doesn’t work.  If you try to use if straight after charging it then you can break it but this is clearly stated in the instructions.  Once the warmer is properly charged and you are ready to feed you simply press the button and pop it into the teat of the bottle.  The warmer did make the bottle a fair bit heavier but Spike soon got the hang of holding it himself and took it just like he had without the warmer in.

Because of how time consuming the recharging can be, for us the Yoomi warmer would be ideal for going out or for night feeds but not for use at every feed.  Luckily you can buy the bottles without the warmer (and vice versa) so you could have a full set of 6 bottles and only a couple of elements for the times that you need them.  Each warmer has approx 100 charges and once charged will stay charged until you press the button.  The Yoomi teat is an anti colic, easy latch on teat that is perfect for bottle, combination or the transition between breast and bottle.  The teat itself is great and I love that it is on par with the leading brands by being anti colic because you don’t have to sacrifice that to get the convenience of the warmer.

When I originally visited the online store I was a little shocked at the prices but if you actually click into the items you will see that you actually get superb value for money.  For example the 8oz Feeding System shows the image of 4 bottles and 2 warmers so £54.50 made me splutter a little bit but when I opened the item and saw that you actually get 4 x 8oz bottles, 2 warmers, 4 x medium flow teats, 2 x slow flow teats and 2 x fast flow teats.  Other leading brands of bottles charge approximately £5 for two teats and don’t often include them a feeding set so it’s always an extra cost a few months down the line.  They have also teamed up with Mia Tui (keep your eyes peeled for a Mia Tui Grace review this week!) to offer some absolutely fab deals so it’s definitely worth checking out.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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