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Spike is a big lover of his dummy. If he could he would have it 24/7 but now that his babbling has started turning into proper words we have decided it is a night time only treat.

Any parent that’s child has a dummy will know exactly what I am talking about when I mention night time dummy runs.  When you are woken at 3am because they have lost their dummy and can’t possibly go back to sleep without it.  Luckily over the past month or so this has stopped but if he loses his dummy during a nap, his usual 2.5 hour nap can be anything as little as 10 minutes.  With him sleeping in a pitch black room we needed a solution for finding his dummies in the very short time block that we are given that determines if he will go back to sleep or not.

Enter MAM Night Soothers.  Designed to the exact same spec as other MAM Soothers, with the patented orthodontic silk teat and anti slip surface, it is the perfect solution for finding the dummy at lightening speed in a dark room because the whole soother knob glows in the dark!

When we were at the Baby Show meeting MAM we were offered the chance to review the 6 month+ Night Soothers, I nearly bit their hand off!  When I got them home I was extremely pleased to see that they are exactly the same as his other soothers so we wouldn’t be confusing him.  All MAM soothers have lovely pictures and the Night Soothers have really sweet bed time themed images.

As I took him upstairs for his nap the hallway got darker the closer I got to his room and I noticed immediately that his dummy was glowing brightly.  Once in his cot I had to laugh because all I could see was his dummy moving around!  Providing they are “charged” in the light they glow brightly in the dark.  Within 45 minutes Spike was up and shouting so I quickly snuck in to see it lying on the floor glowing away.  The glow in the dark capability makes it extremely easy for me to find but also for Spike to find if it stays in the cot.  Since getting them he has been shouting out less during nap times which I definitely think is because he can see it in his cot and pops it back in.

At bedtime I have found that they glow for a few hours but if we get to 3am then they have lost their bright glow but that is to be expected from any glow in the dark product.  I have tried for the past few weeks to get a photo of it glowing for the review but my camera just won’t focus in the pitch black, all I can do is assure you that they are fab!  With an RRP of £4.58 they are the same price as a the standard MAM soothers and can be used day or night but with a little added bonus at bed time!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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