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When we were at the Baby Show in Earls Court we had the pleasure of meeting the people behind the Bundlebean.   Designed by a mother of two the Bundlebean is a multipurpose, waterproof blanket that does the job of 5 other products and folds up really small!

We are now deep into Winter and as each day passes it’s getting colder and colder.  I am really bad and don’t actually own a foot muff for Spike, it’s just something that I have never got around to buying and I refuse to pay nearly £90 for the official Jané one.  We have a Buggysnuggle but being blue it doesn’t match any of my current pushchairs so is stored away in a cupboard somewhere.  I had been using lots of blankets on colder days and tucking them in under his legs.  The bumper bar on the Jané helps the blanket to stay on but one kick of his legs and they are exposed to the cold.  I had seen “buggy blankets” around that strap to the chassis but they don’t solve the problem of the wind blowing them up off the baby’s legs or the blanket being kicked off.  Enter Bundlebean!

On one side there is a super soft fleecy fabric and on the other a plain waterproof nylon fabric with a little pocket halfway down.  This ingenious product has adjustable zips at the bottom which create a “pouch” that can hook over the bottom of the pushchair or even the baby’s legs creating a kick proof, foot muff shaped blanket.  The stretchy Velcro tabs at the top can be attached to the chassis of the pushchair creating a warm snuggly environment on Winter days.  The Velcro tabs also prove to be useful for creating a car seat blanket.  As a passenger I am always turning around to put blankets back on after they have been thrown off and as a driver the kids are just left to get cold if they throw their blankets off whilst we wait for the car to heat up!  The adjustable zips also mean that Bundlebean can be a totally flat blanket that can be used as a playmat or picnic rug.  The waterproof front enables a child to sit on wet on wet grass without getting a wet bottom and the fleecy lining means that they also won’t get cold.  The Bundlebean can also be used as a cover when baby wearing.  I wore Spike for a long time last Winter because he was born at the end of December and struggled to find an affordable option for keeping him warm when my coat stopped being able to reach around him.  With the Bundlebean you simply create the pouch with the zips and attach it to the shoulder straps and you have a waterproof, windproof, warm cover for the baby.  Another fab use for the Bundlebean is on a child’s bike seat.

We have been using the Bundlebean for a few weeks now and it’s great.  There is no hassle of unthreading pushchair straps if you have to swap it from pushchair to pushchair and it means I only have to take one small blanket that folds up small and securely by wrapping it’s straps around itself.  When we have gone inside after having it on the pushchair I have been able to fold it up small enough to fit into my changing bag or the basket of the pushchair.  I have used it in the car and on all of my pushchairs and haven’t found any compatibility issues.  On the double it was a bit trickier because there was no where in the middle to secure the strap to.  Bundlebean told me that if you have two you can attach them to each other with the Velcro tabs but with just having one I had to improvise.

Overall the Bundlebean is great but you really need to think of it as a blanket and not as a foot muff.  For the first few days I didn’t actually like it because it felt quite loose but after realising I was expecting too much from it and that it wasn’t a foot muff I fell in love with the versatility of it.  Bundlebean retails for £29.99 which is great value considering all of its uses.  It is avaliable in pink, blue or black.

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