I’m in the Moodd to test a Quinny!

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After a super long 5 month wait it was finally announced today that the 2011 (soon to be 2012) QuinnyCasters had a very exciting email sitting in their inboxes.  Off I ran and found the following email waiting for me:

Good Morning,

 Yes, this is the e-mail you’ve been waiting for! Please see the attachment.

 Any questions, queries or quibbles, please do let me know.

 Could you all confirm which colour product you’d like as well please.

 Many Thanks,


EEEEEP!  I have never opened an attachment so fast in my life and was delighted to see this

Congratulations QuinnyCaster you will be testing a QUINNY MOODD!

After A LOT of happy dancing around the study I rushed to their Facebook page to check that I was certain on my colour choice.  So from January 2012 a Black Devotion Quinny Moodd will have a new home with Spud & Spike and we are going to test that baby until there is nothing left to be uncovered!

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