Our Homemade Christmas

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I haven’t been able to find a nice, affordable first Christmas decoration for Spike this year so when our messy play group had some for us to make I became inspired!  Unfortunately the ones I made at Messy Play didn’t work out brilliantly as all the glass paint ran so Spud and I went on a mission to find our own glass paint and chose an old bauble from our collection.  We made this one which although isn’t amazing I think looks pretty good on our tree and has the added touch that it was home made.

For the past few weeks we have been doing lots of different Christmas crafts at Messy play so our house is starting to look extremely Christmassy and I am very proud of Spud’s art work.

Today Spud came home from Nursery today with his and Spike’s Christmas Craft folders so I got even more excited!  They have made some lovely stuff this year and I love that the staff made Spikey a tree ornament!

Spud’s snowman is the one on the left and Spike’s is on the right!  I have some lovely things to add to their memory boxes and hopefully have decorating our house for years to come.

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