Dummies for the Baby Elves

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For the past two weeks at around 3am Spud has wandered into my bedroom and woken me up with the words “mummy I lost my doedee.”  Upon inspection his dummies were either on his pillow or thrown under Spike’s cot.  Spud is a player.  Yesterday it was my birthday so I was quite looking forward to a nice sleep and generous lie in but Spud woke at 5, woke Spike up and then came asking for his dummy.  When only one of them is awake it’s easy to get them back to sleep but when both are awake it’s impossible.  They find it absolutely hilarious to wind each other up, throw toys at each other and make a hell of a lot of noise.  After 7.30am it’s cute at 5am it’s just wrong.  We decided that enough was enough – the dummies had to go.

We were thinking of all sorts of plans and decided that Spud just wouldn’t understand the Dummy Fairy, he would understand better if it was relevant to something that he already understood.  We were going to do a similar concept to the Dummy Fairy on Christmas Eve with Santa bringing presents in exchange for dummies but then decided that it would make a very busy night of the year even busier.  Eventually we decided to take him into town to visit Santa so that he could physically hand over his dummies.  I explained to Spud that we were going to see Santa and give him the dummies for the baby Elves.  He seemed quite keen until he actually had to put the dummies in the bag and then he was a bit jittery.   We made the journey into town.  We were dreading it because we expected it to be packed but luck was on our side and there was no traffic and we even managed to get a parent and child space in the car park!  We kept explaining what we were going to do and he seemed a bit reluctant and even decided that he didn’t want to walk anymore.

We have a Santa in Debenhams that hangs out in the toy area and it’s generally quite quiet so Spike and I shot up in the lift whilst Daddy and Spud rode the escalators.  I found Santa and explained to him super fast what I would like him to do and handed him a very big present that we had bought with us. (I thought that the crappy presents Santa usually gives out in shops just wouldn’t cut it!)  He was very understanding and keen to help.  Spud walked up and was extremely happy to see Santa.  He ran over and plonked himself on the stool telling Santa that he would like the Helicopter that was in the little grotto for Christmas.  He was absolutely transfixed with the Helicopter that it made it quite difficult to do the whole dummy swapping process but we just about managed it and he looked in the bag, saw his dummies and told Santa that they were for the baby Elves.  Santa tried to hand him the present we had given him but Spud decided that it was for Spike because he would much rather have the Helicopter!  We thought that he would understand it a lot better if we actually got him the Helicopter so the present we took with us has been put back upstairs and Spud has a shiny new Helicopter from Santa because he gave his dummies to the baby Elves.

Everything was fine until quiet time after Lunch.  He kept asking for his dummy so we kept explaining where it was and he seemed to accept it.  He’s had a little cold for about a week but as the afternoon went on he got more and more ill.  Talk about spanner in the works!  We had to reconsider the whole process.  We decided that we would try it anyway because we couldn’t really go back on the whole Santa/baby Elf story.  After bath he is usually begging for his dummy but he didn’t ask at all.  The Hubby and I were shocked but also lulled into a false sense of security!  At bedtime he went as usual and asked for his dummy.  I explained everything to him and he said “oh yeah!”

He got up a few times but was soon fast asleep after whimpering to himself for about 15 minutes.  I started celebrating only to jump when he started crying!  When I went to check on him he was crying in his sleep.  As the evening wore on he woke himself up coughing every 30 minutes or so and then cried for about 5.  He soon fell into a deep sleep and went through until 4am when he came in to me to ask for his dummy.  We were up and down 3 or 4 times until about 7 when he woke Spike up and they started playing.  I’m hoping that it will only take a few nights to sort this out, I felt extremely bad for taking away something that he loves and finds such comfort in but it was one of those things that definitely needed to be done and I wasn’t going to keep having broken nights sleep because of it.  The whole process has actually made me want to take Spike’s dummies away a lot sooner!

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