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A while back I wrote a post introducing the brand new Interactive Museum at Stamford Bridge.  With the Hubby’s birthday coming up I was lucky enough to be able to surprise him with a trip to the Bridge to review their Stadium Tour and the Museum itself.  When I read the blurb on their website even I was quite excited!


“This tour of Stamford Bridge is not to be missed, home of the incredible Chelsea Football Club, is a fun, informative and unforgettable experience, enjoyed by sports fans of all ages, from all over the world.

The fully guided tour will take you behind-the-scenes of one of the world’s greatest football teams, giving you access to areas normally reserved for players and officials. Imagine meeting the press as you sit behind the desk in the Press room. Soak up the atmosphere in the spectacular home dressing room where Terry and Lampard prepare to represent the Blues. Feel the excitement as you walk down the tunnel to the pitch side with the roar of a capacity crowd ringing in your ears.

We pride ourselves on having guides who are both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the club and we believe it’s their passion that makes our tours a truly memorable experience!

All Stadium Tours  include entry to the museum, giving you the chance to see just how Chelsea has evolved on and off the pitch to become one of the greatest football clubs in the world.

It will offer a highly interactive experience, bringing the club’s past alive through audio visual shows, as well as a fascinating collection of Chelsea related memorabilia, and some of the most iconic images from the club’s history, making it a must see attraction in London.”

When the morning of our trip finally arrived the Hubby was letting his excitement show through.  He isn’t one to show his emotions very often but as a huge Chelsea fan that due to work commitments hasn’t been to the Bridge in 10 years I knew that he was looking forward to it.  We were asked to arrive at the ticket office 10 minutes before our scheduled time slot of 10.30am.  We planned our journey with military precision, especially because we were taking Spud with us, only to be let down by the great British public transport system.  Firstly our Bus was 20 minutes late.  On a bus service that is supposed to be every 10 minutes.  Because of this we missed our train and then our tube so actually arrived an hour later than planned.  A quick phone call to the ticket office informed us that it was ok and we could simply join on a later tour *phew.*

Stamford Bridge stands proud in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.  The closest tube station to Stamford Bridge is Fulham Broadway which is literally a stones throw away from the stadium.  As you walk into the grounds you are surrounded by huge pictures of the team in moments of glory.  The whole place was clean and tidy and really didn’t resemble somewhere that is flocked with 41000 football fans on a regular basis.  We made our way around the stadium to find the ticket office and found that everywhere was extremely well sign posted.  We got our passes and were told that we were more than welcome to go into the museum whilst we waited for our tour.

Our first impressions of the Museum were that it was smaller than anticipated.  Once we walked through the archway we discovered that size doesn’t matter.  Each display is packed to the brim with information and interactive features.  Even though he knows everything about Chelsea FC, it was great for the Hubby to see Chelsea’s history in one place and it included items from the past 100 years from when Chelsea were first founded right up to present day.  Spud loved all the displays especially the models of Stamford Bridge past and present.  He kept going back over to it and shouting that there was a train in the cabinet!  The interactive side of the museum really helped to bypass the “boring aspect” of museums.  It was a fun way to take in information without having to read lots of displays.  Both the Hubby and Spud tested out their goalkeeping reactions against The Cat (a legendary Chelsea goalie) and had a lot of fun in the shooting gallery.  Spud was squealing with laughter playing football and trying to score the most points!

After a quick whizz around we went and had our photograph taken on a green screen.  As a souvenir photo I expected it to be a case of “it’s the first photo, like it or lump it” but the lady operating the camera was really friendly and understood that 2 year old’s don’t always preform!  She took a fair few photos which she showed us on a screen and as we liked none of them she took a whole bunch more!  It certainly made the £10 price tag worth it.  We eventually settled on one and chose the stadium as our background.  There were a variety of backgrounds including ones that make it look like you are stood next to a player, the pitch or Stamford the Lion (their mascot.)  We purchased the guide book for only £2 which is packed full of information and pictures so definitely worth buying.

After our photo it was time for our tour so we headed down in the lift to meet the rest of the group and our guide.  Having our two year old with us we were hoping to be able to leave the pushchair somewhere because we knew there would be a lot of steps on the tour.  Unfortunately due to health and safety and security issues we had to take it with us.  The Hubby then had to carry it folded for the tour whilst trying to negotiate a lot of stairs and take photos at the same time.  Had it said on the website that there would be no “buggy park” we would have left it at home and managed without.  Our guide was a lovely man called Dave, who was extremely knowledgeable about the Stadium and Chelsea FC’s history.  It was really nice that he was a big Chelsea fan so was there doing something he was passionate about rather than just reciting a script.  We loved seeing the stands, the pitch, the press room and the dressing room.  It was really surreal to be stood in the same room that the players prepare for matches in and seeing their kits hanging up.  Throughout the tour we were told bits of Chelsea’s history and little anecdotes about the players.  Even with a two year old’s attention span Spud listened intently to what the guide was saying and was saying “Chelsea” every time we saw the crest. (which was a lot!)

The tour lasted an hour which was the perfect amount of time.  We got to see places that you dream about seeing as a fan and learnt a lot about the club.  The Hubby was very happy with the experience and after a trip to the Megastore it turned out to be one of his best birthdays ever.  After the tour we were able to go and spend some more time in the Museum so we had a more indepth look around, time isn’t limited so you can really take in every piece of information and experience every feature.  We had a truly fab day out, our only disappointment being that we had to lug the pushchair around with us and with tickets priced at only £18 per adult (stadium tour and museum access) it is extremely good value for money.

Thank you very much to Dave, our tour guide, and to Chelsea FC for having us!

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