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A few weeks ago Spud was invited to go to Clarks to have his feet measured and choose some fancy new shoes from their Autumn/Winter collection.

We have always shopped at Clarks for him because I am a big believer in shoes fitting correctly.  Baby feet aren’t properly formed and up until they start standing only contain soft cartilage rather than proper bone.  Once they start putting weight on their feet the soft cartilage starts to ossify and become bony tissue or proper bone.  However there are still a lot of gaps between the bones and tissue so they  are prone to being bent out of shape and misaligned.  Feet need to be left to grow naturally and ill fitted shoes can stunt development and cause malformation.  Before the age of 2 their is no navicular bone (where the shoe usually fastens) and feet appear to be quite chubby.  At the age of 2 the foot looks like a proper foot and it starts to lose all of it’s puppy fat.  The bones are forming and at this age there are more bones than at any other time in a persons life.  They still need the space to grow together naturally so right through childhood correctly fitted shoes are paramount to a child’s development.  With feet being one of the most important parts of the human body and the knowledge that Clarks make their shoes to coincide with the growth and development stages I leave the shop knowing that their trained fitters have done the six point check (see below) and that the shoes are perfect for his feet.

When we arrived at our local store for a fitting we were shocked to see it empty.  We had obviously chosen a very good time to go!  One thing I would say to anyone is do not go during half term or just before the school’s go back after Summer because it can be rammed in there which isn’t ideal when trying to get baby and toddler shoes fitted.  We were greeted by our fitter who made a huge fuss of the boys and made them feel very comfortable in their surroundings.  Spud is an expert at having his feet measured so took it all in his stride as she used the measuring gauge to determine his size.  After spending a year in size 7G we were told that he was finally an 8F!  We also had Spike’s feet measured for the first time and were told that at 10 months old he had size 5G feet!  At the time he was only just cruising and going through a growth spurt so we decided to leave him for a few weeks before buying him his first shoes!

We were then left to browse the shoes at our leisure and we chose a Winter boot called “Ladders Inf” that retails for £36 for Spud to try.  We asked to try them in two colours to see which looked best on his feet.  Our fitter brought out a few pairs of the boots in his actual size, the next width fitting up and the next size up.  With boots they often need to be in the next width fitting up to enable a comfortable fit so it was decided by our fitter, after the 6 point check, that a size 8G were the best for him.  Each Clarks shoe has 1/2 to 1 size of growth room so if their feet do grow in the time between fittings they won’t be uncomfortable or affect development.

Whilst we were there we also picked up some Doodles slippers for his chilly feet.  They don’t come in half sizes but our fitter checked that they fitted his feet well and he absolutely loved the Sun and Moon design on them.  They are really soft with a hard sole and for only £8 a total bargain.  We had no issues with our visit because everything that we wanted was in stock but had they not been Clarks can order them into store and invite you back to have them properly fitted.  You can also order children’s shoes online before you visit to ensure that they are there to try in store.  You don’t pay anything when you place the online order and aren’t obliged to purchase anything when you visit the store for the fitting.  You can find your local store here.

We had a fab experience at our fitting and Spud is nicely kitted out for Winter with shoes that fit him properly and will be comfortable for him with all the extra walking that he is doing now that he has given up the pushchair.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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