“Paint it Black!” with Easywalker

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As a Quinnycaster we have all been drooling over the new colour selections for the Quinny Moodd and Yezz.  I have fallen in love with the Black Devotion Moodd.  A stunning black seat on a black chassis that just oozes style.  With my new love of Black on Black I have been noticing a lot more pop up throughout other Pushchair manufacturers.

Now we all know my love of Easywalker, especially for my beloved Duo which as a red pushchair on a silver chassis certainly stands out from the crowds.  Baring in mind my new Black on Black obsession imagine how thrilled I was to see that Easywalker are releasing the Duo and the Sky in their very first all black edition!

They are just stunning!  Unfortunately the Hubby won’t agree to trading in my red Duo for a sexy new black one and I think I will be pushing my luck if I ask for a Sky so I will have to wait, with baited breath, to see what colour options the new Easywalker June is going to come in!

But for all you lucky people go and “Paint it Black” with Easywalker!

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