Ditching the Dummy

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Spud is just over 2.5 years old.  He still has a dummy for sleeping and it has always stayed in his bedroom. Recently however he has been poorly so the dummy came downstairs and then we wanted him to sleep in the car on the way to Nana’s so we gave it to him resulting in him asking for it every time we get in the car – not that he gets it mind.

I know that it is nearly time for him to ditch the dummy but I feel really bad!  It’s his comforter and it is clearly visible the effect that it has on him.  He can be running around like a banshee and you give it to him, he instantly calms down, his eyes immediately droop and you know it won’t be long until he is asleep.

I am aware that the maximum age they should have a dummy is 3 and although I don’t want him to have it after then I feel like it is approaching too fast and we won’t be ready for it.  I’ve heard all about the Dummy Fairy but honestly can’t see it working.  He will give up anything if it results in him having his dummy, he will sit nicely for ages knowing that the minute he gets up he has to give it back and he now even goes to sleep on demand so long as there is a dummy in his mouth and one in each hand.

I really am stuck.  I want to be strong, I want to be strict but how can I do that and feel positive about the fact I am taking away something so special that means a lot to him?!


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