“But Lauren, He Is Nearly 3”

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Every day Spud surprises me.  We went for so long with no words that now every new little sentence that comes out of his mouth nearly knocks me off my feet.  He has always had excellent understanding and is unbelievably clever.  Since he was Spike’s age if you showed him how to do something once, he could do it himself.  Now you only have to explain it to him and he gets it.  He can’t say all the words that I use but he certainly knows what I am talking about.

The Hubby said the worst phrase to me the other day.  We drove past McDonalds and Spud went “ooh mummy, dinner!”  Now he doesn’t often have McDonalds, I could count on one hand how many times he has eaten from there in the past year so for him to understand that is mind boggling.  I simply said “He knows food comes from there.”

The Hubby came back with “But Lauren, he is nearly 3!”

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how can you say that to me!  He is my baby!

How is it that the past 3 years have absolutely flown by?  This time three years ago I was about 21 weeks pregnant, we had just found out that our first baby was going to be a boy and had chosen his name.   We had started shopping for teeny tiny clothes and we extremely excited about having our own little baby.  I also started worrying that this little being was in our hands.  If he was ugly it was a bad combination of our genes, if he was a little bugger it was our fault because we were raising him.  The panic set in, how on earth could I be responsible for someone else?  I couldn’t keep my own bedroom tidy and I didn’t know how to cook!  Fast forward (and fast is in the literal sense!) 3 years and we have a happy, bright, GORGEOUS, well behaved baby boy and the fact that we made him makes me so proud.

To me he is still my tiny little baby, how can he be a walking, talking independent toddler?  He has suddenly had a growth spurt so is tall and lanky rather than a chubby little thing with short stumpy legs.  He no longer looks like a little baby.  And do you know why?  Because he isn’t a little baby, I just have to accept that he is a little boy.

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